• nifty chopper, looks the part


  • sometimes tricky to lock into place

Magimix 18115 Le Micro mini chopper summary

Sleek, stylish and modern, this is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing mini choppers we tested and it’s available in a number of colourways (black, satin, cream and red). Considering its diminutive size, as well as its good looks, it’s definitely one you’d want to keep out on your countertop.


How does the Magimix Le Micro work?

Style and aesthetics aside, the Le Micro's smooth operation – from the ease of putting on and removing its lid, to its simple operation at a touch of a finger – confirms it's a top-quality model, and one worth investing in.

The simple ‘pulse’ bottom, in the centre of the base unit, can be briefly touched for quick-burst pulses, or held down for a continual pulse.

It’s one of the quietest models we tested – which is especially handy if you have a family – and, unlike other models, still operates when barely any ingredients are added.

How well does the Magimix Le Micro work?

In our testing, we found that it blends onion evenly and consistently. Parsley was also chopped consistently, with some stalks remaining, but we found that to be the case for every blender.

Its accompanying spatula was especially useful to scrape blitzed parsley from the side of the jar, and for scooping out curry paste.

On top of featuring a metal blade for coarse and fine chopping, puréeing and liquidising ingredients, the Magimix Micro also comes with a separate blending tool for whipping and blending mayonnaise, sauces and salad dressings.

The lid contains a small hole for conveniently pouring in liquids, ideal for making pastes and sauces, as well as a separate hole for adding in extra solids should you need.

One slight hindrance is that it only operates when the bowl lid is fully slotted into place – which can be slightly fiddly until you’ve mastered it – but as this is a ‘double failsafe’ safety precaution, it really can’t be faulted.


It’s not the cheapest model on the market, but given its power, consistency and aesthetic appeal, it’s certainly worth the price if you think you will use it on a regular basis.

The blender also comes with a 47-page booklet, featuring a couple of pages of straightforward instructions followed by a wide range of recipes, covering everything from classic mayonnaise to guacamole, hummus and even baby weaning recipes.

Magimix Le Micro specifications
Components: lid, metal blade for chopping and blending, emulsifying attachment for mixing and sauce-making, 0.8l bowl, motor unit, recipe book
Dimensions: l17 x w12 x h24 cm
Speed settings: pulse and continuous pulse
Motor: 290w
Colours: black, satin, cream, red

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