• Large viewing window, clever oval design, responsive button


  • Bowl is not removable

Krups Everyday coffee and spice grinder summary

This little spice grinder from coffee brand, Krups, is small and compact. Unlike the other brands we’ve tested, this model has an oval design that appears to force spices and coffee into the blades, rather than around the inside of the bowl like a centrifugal spinner.


There is a button to the side of the lid that can either be pulsed or pressed down. This model can run for 20 seconds before needing a one-minute break, but thankfully, everything was quick to grind (albeit, dry ingredients only).

How easy is the Krups Everyday coffee and spice grinder to use?

Using this machine is pretty instinctive. It comes ready assembled so after the inner bowl has had a quick wipe, it’s ready to use. This model has a generous 75g capacity, though the inner bowl would have benefitted from some kind of maximum marker to make things clearer.

The control button is large and responsive when pushed down. It’s easy to pulse and doesn’t require much force. The lid doubles as a viewing window too, so it’s easy to check on the progress inside.

It’s disappointing that the bowl isn’t removable as this made cleaning a bit of a struggle. After we’d ground oily or particularly strong spices (coriander and cumin seeds) and cleaned the bowl, we did notice some residual smell on the inside.

We’re a big fan of the oval design. Not only does it help force the spices into the centre of the grinder, but it serves as a pouring spout too. Spices were channelled out of the side of the grinder without spilling everywhere.

This grinder can be used for up to 20 seconds at a time. Whilst most spices took less than that to grind, we noticed a slightly strained sound coming from the motor as we approached the 20-second mark.


We were able to grind large and small spices in this machine as well as coffee beans. As expected, the Krups excelled when grinding coffee beans, being quick and efficient. The ground beans were evenly textured and slightly sandy with 75g equating to five cups of coffee, so considering the petite design, you get a good yield from this machine.

We were equally impressed by the results in our small spice grinding test with 30g each of peppercorns, cumin seeds and coriander seeds being perfectly milled. They all had a super-fine, even texture. We’ve noticed that many of the machines we’ve tested haven’t been able to break down the woody husk on coriander seeds, however the blades made light work of them in this machine. Do be aware that a lot of the fine spice dust flies up and sticks to the underside of the lid, so don’t forget to tap the lid to release this otherwise it can cause a bit of a mess.

While our larger spices could be milled, the results were uneven – cinnamon sticks and cardamom pods broke down to a fine milled powder mixed with woody chunks. We had to stop the nutmeg tests as the blade was just beating the nutmeg around the bowl rather than breaking it up.


The 75g capacity is generous and the unique oval design both helps to evenly grind small spices and doubles as a pouring spout. Whilst the manual is helpful, we’d have liked a little more information about the minimum capacity. It’s not the easiest to clean either as the bowl cannot be removed.

For small spices, spice blends and coffee beans, this is a good choice. It’s compact and well-built and produces fine and evenly milled results with smaller ingredients.


Wattage: 200
What can it grind? Spices, coffee
Accessories: none
Dimensions (cm): H: 23.2 x W: 10.2 x D: 10.2
Capacity: 75g

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