• Supremely easy to clean, powerful motor


  • Balance, slippery handle

Kenwood Handmix Lite summary

If you want a no-frills, unfussy, clean-looking whisk, the Kenwood Lite could be the one for you. From the hard glossy shell that stays surprisingly clean, to an impressive 450W motor, we love how well this whisk performs. There's a small problem with balance and a slippery handle, which means extra grip is required to keep it steady. Otherwise, this is an easy to use, unfussy and powerful little whisk at a very affordable price.

What were our first impressions of the Kenwood Handmix Lite?

The Kenwood Handmix Lite is an unadorned, clean-looking, plain white electric whisk with no frills or fuss (it is available in other colours). The hard plastic, lightly glossy shell and matte upper handle and front have the distinct advantage of remaining pristine, with not the slightest marking.

Kenwood claims this is a light machine, but at 900g, it is not the lightest in our test. But, it's also not the heaviest. The angular front of the machine does cause some forward tipping, particularly when the beaters are inserted, which consequently unbalances the whisk slightly. The handle is shiny underneath, so the whisk also slides forward in the hand.

Kenwood hwandmix Lit

How was the Kenwood Handmix Lite to use?

We found this a little clumsy to use during our test, unless we gripped it firmly. After a while, this got tiring.

The motor feels intensely powerful as it moves through its five speeds. We like that the whisk starts at a gentle speed and moves effortlessly through the settings with a distinct flick of the thumb-controlled switch. At speed 5, it makes short work of dough, with it going from sticky to smooth and soft in just a few minutes. The whisk remained steady with little vibration at this speed during our test, though it did get noisy and slightly whiny.

Meringue stabilises quickly, and buttercream is extremely easy to make. Cream whips up very quickly, so it's important to pay close attention to avoid over-whipping.

Our verdict

The Kenwood Handmix Lite is a powerful little whisk that performs exceptionally well once you learn to control the ferocious motor and grip more firmly than you may be used to. We also love its looks and the fact it's easy to clean.

Kenwood Handmix Lite specifications:

Attachments: twin beaters and two dough hooks
Eject button: yes
Speeds: five speed settings, plus a pulse setting
Weight: 900g
Size: 22 x 21.3 x 11cm
Wattage: 450W
Dishwasher safe parts: accessories only

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