• price, no set up needed, cord storage


  • plates are very large and can't be removed, instruction manual lacking information

Daewoo Deep Fill sandwich toaster summary

This Daewoo sandwich toaster is a lot bigger than we were expecting. Whilst it doesn’t have the hulking footprint of some of the other models we’ve tested, for a two slice toastie maker, it’s bigger than most.


It’s simply and classically designed with black plastic handles and a stainless-steel lid. It has clear ‘on’ and ‘ready’ lights on the top and a lock on the handle that is easily engaged. Like many others, we found the plates too large for standard supermarket slices of bread. Whilst this didn’t affect the performance, the size does mean that you’ll be hard pressed to find bread to fill it.

How easy is the Daewoo Deep Fill sandwich toaster to use?

With nothing to set up and no plates to fit, this model is ready to use straight out of the box (make sure to wipe the plates first). There are no controls on the toastie maker either, just plug it in and it begins to heat up. The plates also feature a scallop design, which we thought was pretty neat.

This Daewoo is one of the faster models we’ve tested, taking just under three minutes to reach temperature. The lights are very clear also, with red indicating the machine is on and green signalling that it is ready to use.

The instructions only give the bare bones; there are no recipes and just a five-minute cooking time is suggested. We’d have like to have seen a little more detail, because whilst this is a simple-to-use machine, for first-timers, information about how much filling to use or accurate cooking times are essential.


With just classic toastie plates to play with we made a simple cheese toastie and a deep-filled toastie. We popped the buttered bread down on the plates as centrally as possible so as not to come out with lop-sided toasties. The toasties were filled with cheese and topped with the second piece of bread and then we put down the lid. It closed comfortably over the sandwiches and the lock is easily engaged to keep the seal tight.

As suggested, we cooked the toasties for five minutes. At this stage, the sandwiches looked nicely browned in the middle, with some definition where the pattern on the lid imprinted, but overall, they were not brown enough. We let them cook for another two minutes, after which the toasties were relatively well-browned with no leaks.

This model performed particularly well when cooking deep-filled toasties – hooray for lovers of generous fillings! After just six minutes the thick toastie was browned and all of the filling was fully melted.


This reasonably priced toastie maker is a great option for those who love a deep-filled toastie. You’ll have to search somewhere other than the supermarket to find bread that fits the plates, or perhaps make your own.

Performance-wise, we had very little negative to say about this Daewoo model, toasties were consistently well-cooked and fully sealed. Browning could have been a little more even to show off the scallop pattern, but this is just an aesthetic gripe.

A budget-friendly model for those looking to make no-nonsense toasties.


Multi-functional: to
Number of sandwiches: two
Removable plates: yes
Dishwasher-proof: yes
Recipe book: no
Dimensions (cm): H: 12.1 x W: 31.8 x D: 27.2
Weight: 1.9kg
Wattage: 900W

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