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Bosch Solo microwave review


Microwaves can make family cooking a whole lot easier. If you're looking to invest, read our in-depth review of this Bosch microwave that has a large capacity and simple functionality.

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Bosch HMT84M451B Solo microwave

Pros: simple, large capacity, sturdy
Cons: expensive, no potato setting, stiff to open

Star rating: 3.5/5

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If you want a microwave that will grace your kitchen for many years to come, this is a solid choice. Bosch have been engineering products for over 130 years, and their slogan, ‘Invented For Life’, carries some weight – although we we only tested over a number of weeks rather than years.

An impressive 25-litre capacity, 315mm turntable and 900W maximum power makes it a good choice for families, and tactile buttons are always a bonus.

Like the microwave's appearance, which is bluntly rectangular and finished in aluminium, with a basic digital display, the instruction booklet is strictly utilitarian.

Short guides to cooking and defrosting take you through the minimal settings available, which includes three presets for cooking meat, fruit and veg, and four defrost settings.

Interior of a Bosch microwave oven

A dial sets the time in 10-second increments, and offers five power settings. Defrosting chicken was exceptionally successful, with no drying out and quick defrosting even in thicker pieces, while cooking resulted in tender, juicy meat.

Unusually, there is no baked potato preset available here, but following the package instructions instead resulted in a cooked-through potato with moist flesh, and no soggy skin.

As well as its size, the minimum weight function, which starts at 400g for defrosting chicken, makes this a better option for families rather than solo users, and the alert that you've finished cooking goes on far too long – although this can be adjusted. The push-button door release is also a little stiff.

Compared to other basic models, this one is expensive, but if you’re looking for a microwave which does its job very well without any fancy flourishes, and should last the distance, this is a solid choice.

Bosch solo microwave specifications
Capacity: 25l
Wattage: 900w
Dimensions: H305mm, W513mm, D408mm

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