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9 of the best pie dishes in 2022

Published: October 5, 2021 at 1:51 pm

From towering apple pies to hearty beef and ale, we've rounded up the best pie dishes to buy for perfecting golden, crisp pastry.

Pies have earned a place in our hearts for being the ultimate comfort food. Whether you love sweet pies with lashings of cream or custard, or if savoury pies with gravy are your thing, this versatile bake has been around for thousands of years and isn’t going anywhere. Pies come in many forms, the pastry can be shortcrust, filo, puff or suet, or your pie can be topped with potato. Then there’s the question of whether to make a pie with pastry on the top, bottom or both.


The pie dish you choose can have a big impact on your baked pie and there are just as many to choose from as there are pie variations. We tested a sample of the latest pie dishes against criteria that assessed their cooking ability to evenly brown the pastry, release the pie from the dish and other practical factors including dishwasher, microwave and freezer-safe credentials. We used the dishes to make a classic apple pie with a moisture-rich filling to particularly test the dishes' suitability for browning a pastry base. No soggy bottoms here! Also included is aesthetic appeal – namely that it wouldn't look out of place being used as a fruit bowl when not on baking duty.

Read on to discover our tried-and-tested picks of the best pie dishes and find recipe inspiration for perfect pastry with sweet and savoury fillings with our full collection of pie recipes. For more up-to-date advice on the best kitchen equipment and appliances worth your money including everything from non-stick frying pans to the best coffee machines, you can find all our product reviews, gift guides and taste tests in our reviews section.

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How to choose the best pie dish

Pie dishes vary greatly in style and size and there are plenty of things to consider when choosing the best dish for you.

First, think about the material it’s made from:

  • Metal and enamel pie tins are better at cooking pies with pastry on the bottom, reducing the risk of the dreaded soggy bottom. But if you’re planning on leaving it in the dish to serve, a metal tin may not look as pretty.
  • Porcelain and ceramic pie dishes double as serving dishes and look nice on the table, but they’re better suited to pies with pastry or potato tops. Many are also microwave safe which is useful for reheating leftovers. These pie dishes often come in multiple colours and styles so you can choose one that matches your kitchen or crockery.

Size is an important factor: pie dishes come in everything from individual sizes to large dishes that can make eight or more portions. Also consider whether you’ll want to create deep hearty pies or thinner plate pies. If you want a pie dish that’s versatile enough to be used for different recipes, look for one that’s big enough to accommodate a lasagne, gratin or pasta bake.

Best pie dishes at a glance

  • Best stoneware pie dish: Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen pie dish, £19
  • Best perforated pie tin: Lakeland PerfoBake 23cm pie tin, £10.99
  • Best pie plate: Lakeland Traditional enamel bakeware pie plate, £5.99
  • Best with a pie bird: ProCook porcelain pie dish and pie bird, £12
  • Best single portion pie tin: MasterClass Crusty Bake non-stick individual round pie dish, £8.69
  • Best investment pie dish: Falcon pie set, £70
  • Best pie dish with handles: Staub 24cm round ceramic pie dish, £29.95
  • Best small porcelain pie dish: Judge pie dish, £7.70
  • Best two-person pie tin: Mermaid Companion 15cm/6” hard anodised pie dish, £19

Best pie dishes to buy in 2021

Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen pie dish

Best stoneware pie dish

Mason Cash pie dish

Star rating: 4/5

If you’ve got a large family, this 29cm stoneware pie dish is big enough for eight portions, ideal for big households or family gatherings.

Developed with several innovative features, this pie dish has a vented base so that air can circulate underneath it even when it’s on a baking tray. The inside has small embossed corrugated ridges on the base to help with heat distribution for more evenly cooked pastry. Our apple pie cooked well and released easily from the ridges, but it had quite a wet filling, so the pastry base was a bit soggy. We’re confident the dish would work well for drier fillings or pastry topped pies. The embossed pattern on the rim is designed to help prevent pastry from shrinking back, and this worked well for our pie.

It’s also microwave, freezer and dishwasher-safe.

Lakeland PerfoBake 23cm pie tin

Best perforated pie tin

Star rating: 4.5/5

To help produce crisp, even pastry, this sturdy carbon steel pie tin has perforations all over the sides and base which allow air to circulate. In our tests, the pastry cooked well with no soggy bottom. If you’re making a wet pie with gravy or juices, it’s worth keeping in mind that when slicing into the pie, liquid will drain straight out through the perforations in the base – it’s a good idea to put it on a plate or remove the pie from the tin before portioning. At 23cm, this is a good size for six portions and it’s dishwasher and freezer safe, but you should avoid using sharp or metal utensils on the non-stick coating.

Lakeland enamel bakeware pie plate, 24cm

Best pie plate/ budget pie dish

Star rating: 4/5

This traditional shallow pie plate is ideal for people who prefer pies with less filling. At 24cm, it’s slightly smaller than a standard dinner plate but still big enough to make six portions. It’s good value, and very easy to store. Our apple pie baked well with no soggy bottom and when it comes to cleaning up, it’s dishwasher safe. Plus, you can use it as an ordinary plate too – perfect for when you want to eat that last slice of pie straight from the tin!

ProCook porcelain pie dish and pie bird

Best with a pie bird

Pie dish

Star rating: 3.5/5

Pie birds act as a vent to release steam from your pie, as well as providing a pretty decorative feature to a homemade bake. You can buy this white porcelain pie dish with or without the pie bird. It's 25cm wide and 5cm deep, making a deep, hearty pie. The fluted edges help create a crisp pastry crust.

Our deep apple pie cooked well in this dish – the pastry was crisp on the sides, but a little soggy on the bottom (we’d recommend using it for pies with drier fillings or without a pastry base). This dish is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe and would work really well for crumbles, potato-topped pies and pasta bakes.

MasterClass Crusty Bake non-stick individual round pie dish

Best single-portion pie tin

Star rating: 5/5

If you prefer to make individual pies, this perforated 10cm pie tin is ideal (it is also available in an oval shape). The double non-stick coating meant our pie released easily from the tin. The perforations allow air to circulate and we made a very pleasing individual apple pie with an evenly cooked pastry crust and crisp bottom. It’s a sturdy little tin made from carbon steel and comes with an impressive 20-year guarantee. It's also freezer and dishwasher safe. The non-stick coating could get damaged by metal utensils, so stick to wooden, plastic or silicone.

Falcon pie set

Best investment set

Star rating: 5/5

A must-have for serious pie enthusiasts, this five-piece enamel pie set is easy to store, with the five dishes nestled neatly inside each other. The rectangular pie dishes are 20, 24, 26, 28 and 30cm, ensuring a dish for every pie occasion. We made a successful apple pie, evenly cooked with crisp sides and a nicely cooked pastry base that released easily from the tin. It’s an expensive set, but enamelware is made to last and the dishes can be used for plenty of other creations, including crumbles and pasta bakes. The largest dish is big enough to roast a small chicken. The set is robust but with an appealing retro style that looks nice on the table. They are dishwasher safe, freezer safe and can be used on gas and electric hobs, too.

Staub 24cm round ceramic pie dish

Best pie dish with handles

Star rating: 4/5

With two generous handles, this chunky ceramic pie dish is much easier to remove from the oven than most of the other pie dishes we tried out. The slightly fluted sides make for a pretty shaped crust and it’s a good-looking oven-to-table serving dish. It comes in red, blue or white and there’s a 24 or 28cm option.

We tried the 28cm dish, which is easily big enough for eight portions of pie. It baked a nice apple pie, the base wasn’t as crisp as we’d like, but for pies with drier fillings or pastry just on top, it’s a great choice. It’s safe to use under the grill, as well as in the microwave and dishwasher. You can make use of this dish for plenty of other recipes, like potato gratin and cottage pie, or as a serving dish for roast potatoes or vegetables.

Judge pie dish

Best small porcelain pie dish

Star rating: 4/5

This small, chip-proof porcelain pie dish is a great size for two generous portions of pie. The simple oval shape and slightly off-white colour give it a neutral appearance that will fit into most homes. Our traditional apple pie cooked well and the pastry on the base was cooked with no soggy areas, although it wasn't as crisp as the pies cooked in metal tins. It’s a versatile dish that can also be put to use for individual pasta bakes, gratins or a two-portion crumble. It’s safe for use in the dishwasher, freezer, microwave and grill, as well as being oven safe up to 240C. 18cm-24cm sizes are available.

Mermaid Companion 15cm/6” hard anodised pie dish

Best two-person pie tin

Star rating: 4/5

Although it’s expensive for its size, this sturdy hard anodised aluminium pie dish is built to last and comes with an impressive lifetime guarantee. The size is perfect for two portions, but it might also be suitable as a single portion tin for those with very large appetites or a potato topped pie. It’s also available in a 21cm version which is ideal for four portions.

We were pleased with the crisp-bottomed apple pie made in this tin, with evenly cooked pastry on the sides and top. We would like some cleaning instructions included, as it’s not clear if it is dishwasher safe.

How we tested pie dishes

We made a classic apple pie in each of these dishes. The apple filling produces lots of moisture, so using it gave us a good idea of how well each dish can cook the pastry bottoms. We looked at how evenly the pastry was cooked, as well as browning, and whether it was easy to remove from the dish.

We also noted ease of cleaning, as well as if it was microwave or freezer safe. We took into account the size and overall design, considering whether it could be used for other recipes or as a serving dish.


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