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The best non-alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks taste tested

Drinks experts Richard Davie and Miriam Nice recommend their top picks for low- and alcohol-free beverages, including lagers, stouts, spirits, wines and kombucha.

Richard Davie is a brewer, writer and consultant with roots in home-brewing. When he’s not making his own beer and cocktails, he works at award-winning micro pub The Beer Shop @richarddaviebrews


Miriam Nice is a published author and illustrator. She has written more than 350 recipes for BBC Good Food @miriamjsnice

Richard and Miriam’s book, The Art of Drinking Sober (£12.99, Orion), is out now.

Where a decade ago low-alcohol drinks were often little more than a punchline, every year this category gets more exciting, as new entrants to the field bring out interesting innovations and the standard of the offering goes up across the board.

At the same time, we’re thinking more about drinking less, and perhaps being more open to the idea that a drink can be special even if it isn’t alcoholic. Newer low-alcohol beers and spirit substitutes are finding clever ways to communicate the intensity, complexity or satiety you’d associate with a cold lager or gin and tonic.

Alcohol-free spirits first came onto people’s radar in 2014 with Seedlip, who proudly stood up for a non-alcoholic gin-style product that cost £35 and required a trek to Selfridges. In the wake of the attention this drew, it and similar offerings are nowadays available in supermarkets up and down the country at rather less luxurious prices. In addition to gin, producers have reimagined alcohol-free equivalents to vermouth, amaro, amaretto and coffee liqueur, and the list continues to grow.

Non-alcoholic beer has improved greatly in the last few years, with both higher visibility and greater quality, so we’ve highlighted a few more of our favourites in that category.

What is alcohol-free?

Some of the entries below are labelled ‘low-alcohol’ at 0.5%, rather than ‘alcohol free’. In the UK, anything under half a percent alcohol is no longer restricted under licensing laws. At no more than 0.5%, it is unable to render you drunk and some breads and ripe fruit contain as much or more alcohol.

Low and alcohol-free beer

Lucky saint

A bottle of lager set against a white background

Best lager
A UK company, but brewed in Bavaria, this is redolent of the Helles style, all soft malt and gentle bitterness for a crisp, easy satisfying lager. A limited draught presence in pubs, too.

£1.80 per bottle (330ml) – available from Sainsbury’s 

Ghostship, Adnams 

A horizontal bottle of alcohol-free beer

Best pale ale
Adnam’s flagship pale ale, but without the alcohol. Retains much of the mouthfeel, keeps that pleasing citrus hop note and goes down a treat.

£3.50 for 4 x 330ml bottles – available from Tesco

Old ale, Harvey’s 

A horizontal bottle of alcohol-free beer

Best ale
The autumnal classic, but de-alcoholised. Rich fruit cake and a touch of chocolate, sweetness without becoming unbalanced and a lighter carbonation make for a solid option for cask ale fans.

From £28.40 for 24 x 275ml bottles – available from Harvey’s

 No worries, Lervig 

A horizontal can of beer against a white background

Best IPA
Very much made in the image of the current vogue for hazy IPAs, this has a full body, opaque glow, negligible bitterness and oodles of fruity aromas.

£1.95 per bottle (330ml) – available from beermerchants.com

Galactic milk stout alcohol-free, Big Drop Brewing Co 

A horizontal can of beer against a white background

Best stout
Milk stouts are more visible than they have been in decades, and that lactose works perfectly here, adding body and sweetness to counter the rich roasty notes of a satisfying stout.

£1.50 per bottle (330ml) – available from Waitrose 

Spirit alternatives

Amaretti, Lyres

A bottle of amaretti on its side against a white backdrop

Best liqueur
This innovative brand has done a great job of recreating amaretto without booze. Sweet, almondy, rich and special. Well chilled, this would be a lovely way to end a meal or to swap into cocktails.

Currently out of stock

Sea buckthorn, Bax botanics

A bottle of botanicals on its side against a white background

Best gin
This has a really complex flavour profile, rich in ginger, rosemary and chamomile notes, softened by the sea buckthorn. Pairs brilliantly with tonic.

£18.99 per bottle (500ml) – available from baxbotanics.com

Wine alternatives

Jukes 6, Jukes Cordialities

A small bottle of Jukes 6 against its packaging

Not only is this a great substitute for red wine, it’s really neatly packaged too. In mini bottles that can be diluted to taste, it’s highly portable too.

£38 for 9 x 30ml bottles – available from Jukes Cordialities

Damascene Rose Bubbly

A bottle of rose-coloured drink on its side set against a white background

A delightful combination of subtle rose, grape juice and citrussy freshness. Poured into flutes or coupes this is a very special drink indeed – ring the changes from an elderflower pressé!

£20.28 for 12 x 270ml bottles – available from Luscombe

Italian alcohol-free sparkling, La Gioiosa

A small bottle fo wine on its side set against a white background

This light and sweet sparkling wine alternative has hints of apple, white grape and elderflower. Great substitute for prosecco and good-value too.

£5.99 for a bottle (750ml) – available from ocado.com

Other ideas

Golden Hour – blood orange, bitters & cardamom, Punchy Drinks

A can of drink set on its side against a white background

If you’re a fan of campari or aperol, this is a great substitute and an excellent grown-up drink in its own right. Wonderful balance of blood orange, bitterness and natural-tasting sweetness.

£1.50 for 250ml can – available from Ocado.com

Royal Flush, Real Kombucha

A bottle of drink on its side in front of a white background

Done right, kombucha gives you the complexity and interest of a fermented product but without the booze; pair with food as you would a sparkling white wine or a lighter lambic-style beer. From January 2021, Royal Flush will be on sale from Waitrose stores and priced at £8.

£30 for 12 x 275ml bottles – available from Real Kombucha

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