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12 of the best bread bins and more ways to store bread

Looking for a stylish bread bin? See our top picks, including roll top and wooden options, plus tips for storing your loaves.

Is your kitchen crying out for a bread bin? They can contain the spread of crumbs, keep your baked goods fresh, and even add colour or style to a work surface. Read on to find our top picks, which cover a variety of retailers, styles and price points.


What could be finer than a freshly-baked loaf? Making your own is a great weekend project – try some easy white bread, sourdough, tiger bread or a loaf of rye.

For more top-rated tools, see the best bread-making equipment, tools and kit, including kitchen scales, bread scrapers, mixing bowls and measuring jugs. Or visit our review of the best bread makers.

Best way to store bread and keep it fresh

One of the best ways to store bread is to keep it in a bread bin. Those with a tight seal will help to keep your loaves fresher for longer.

It should be kept in a cool place, but avoid keeping it in the fridge. Bread freezes well whole or in slices. Bread with added preservatives will keep longer than a loaf you make yourself.

12 of the best bread bins

1) Bodum bistro bread box

This sleek offering from Bodum is a great all-rounder. The eco-friendly bamboo lid also acts as a cutting board, and it’s made from lightweight BPA-free plastic. It’s generously sized – it holds a standard loaf plus extras like rolls, pittas, crumpets or bagels. It comes in a variety of colours, including black (pictured), white, blue, green or pink. It’s good value-for-money, considering the size and multi-purpose lid.

This retro-style bread bin from M&S will look smart on any kitchen counter. The neutral colour means it’ll blend in seamlessly, and the subtle embossing adds a special touch. The base of the bread bin is a wooden chopping board, with rich grain detailing. This is a stand-out option for those looking for a fashionable kitchen addition.

Available from M&S (£29.50)

3) Joseph Joseph bread bin

This white bread bin from Joseph Joseph is great practical option. While it’s definitely a splurge, the generously sized bin provides ample room for a variety of loaves, and the gripped base keeps everything in place. The bamboo lid is easy to lift off and also acts as a cutting board. The reversible board has grooves on one side to catch crumbs, keeping everything mess-free.

4) Distinctly Living Ocean bread bin

Switch things up with this unique bread bin from Distinctly Living. It’s perfect for those who are short on space, as you store loaves vertically. The elegant design adds a modern touch in a subtle warm grey colour. The body is made from air-tight steel, making it durable and easy to wash. The mango wood lid is engraved with a stylish herringbone pattern. It’s a gorgeous, neutral option.

Available from Not on the High Street (£30)

 5) Swan Nordic bread bin 

Embrace Scandi-inspired style with this Nordic bread bin. It’s made from durable carbon steel, which ensures your bread stays fresh. It’s sleek, compact and has an attractive matte, soft touch finish, which comes in slate grey, white or pine green. The bamboo lid also acts as a convenient chopping board for slicing bread quickly.

6) Elley Home natural linen storage bread basket

If you’re short on space or looking for a budget-friendly option, consider this linen bread basket. It’s incredibly versatile, and can be used to hold herbs, plants and more. The natural linen is eco-friendly and adds a rustic touch to your kitchen.

Available from Not on the High Street (£15)

7) Brabantia roll top bread bin

This roll top bread bin is great for keep loaves as fresh as possible. It comes in a variety of colours and styles, including stainless steel. We love that the flat top provides additional storage for small items, like spice jars or boxes of tea. The patterned base allows for proper ventilation to keep bread in good condition. The corrosion resistant material is durable and easy to clean.

8) John Lewis & Partners classic wood roll top bread bin

John Lewis Bread Bin

This classic roll top bread bin will keep bread fresh and look great on your counter. It’s made from soil beech wood, sourced from sustainable European forests. The lid is smooth to open and close with a sturdy handle. The inside is spacious – we were able to store a few loaves, along with rolls and wraps. A great all-rounder.

Available from John Lewis & Partners (£38)

9) Morphy Richards Dimensions roll top bread bin

For those who like a modern design, try this futuristic roll top bread bin. It has a geometric pattern with a glossy finish, and is available in white, ivory cream or black. The stainless steel body is durable and easy to clean. The non-slip feet keep everything in place.

10) Garden Trading bread bin

11) Idyll Home charcoal grey bread bin

The squared-off shape and charcoal grey matte colour of this bread bin will add a modern twist to any kitchen counter. It’s generously sized and will fit a loaf with room for extras. It’s made from powder-coated steel and the beech wood lid doubles as a chopping board. It’s a great option that will fit a range of kitchens.

Available from Not on the High Street (£45)

12) John Lewis & Partners enamel tall bread bin

If you’re short on space, try this tall bread bin from John Lewis to store loaves of bread vertically. It’s made from powder-coated steel with an enamel finish, making it durable and easy to clean. The trumpet-shaped handle is user-friendly and makes it easy to access. You can’t go wrong with this classic style.

Available from John Lewis (£25)

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