Pronounce it: mah-gah-ree-tah

This is the more civilised way to drink tequila than gulp it from a salt-rimmed glass, then suck on a lemon wedge while your eyes water and your brain complains.


A favourite in all sorts of drinking establishments. Tequila fans might keep the ingredients on hand, otherwise buying to make and serve Margaritas is considered a great way to get in the mood for a party.

Choose the best

Tequila is now available in many styles and qualities. Don’t spend too highly on a style you'll be blending into Margaritas, as the subtle differences will be lost.

Store it

The ingredients will all last well at home but the mixed drink is definitely sharper when drunk soon after making. Make the salted rims shortly before serving or they'll dry and become too crusty to contribute to the drinking.

Cook it

First rub the rim of flared glasses – like martini glasses – with lime juice and then dip these into finely ground salt.

There are three ingredients to the drink: for each measure of tequila, add a half measure of freshly squeezed lime juice and half a measure of an orange liqueur; Triple-Sec is classic but Curaçao or Cointreau can be substituted. Wickedly, there are blue-coloured versions of the first two and using one of these to make scary, blue Margaritas certainly gets a party talking.

Shake the mix in ice and pour into the glasses without disturbing the rim; you can serve a Margarita straight up or over crushed or cubed ice. A thin wedge or slice of lime is the classic garnish.

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