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Planning a trip to Lisbon on a budget? Take a look at our handy infographic to get an overview of how much your average buys will cost. From a meal out for two to your afternoon snack, Good Food's got you covered. Need your average shopping costs in English? Read our guide below.

Cup of coffee = €1
Soft drink (in a cafe) = €1.80
Beer (20cl) = €1.50
Cocktail = €4
Neighbourhood meal for two (no alcohol) = €26
Snack (toasted sandwich) = €2.50

How to tip in Portugal

If you have had any kind of service at a table, tip. A few cents will suffice if you only had a coffee and a sandwich. If you stood at a counter, there'll usually be a jar or saucer to leave a few coins in if you like.

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How much do I tip?

The Portuguese habit is not to tip with a percentage of the cost of the meal, but to leave some coins, 2 to 5 euros, even for a meal that cost hundreds of euros. However, just as in most places in the world, restaurant staff rely on their tips, so if you want to tip more, tip more. They will be very grateful. In many places, you can add it to a card transaction, although one never knows if that extra on a card gets back to the staff. If you want to be sure the staff get it, leave money on the table for them.

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