• Sync cook multiple dishes at the same time, relatively compact footprint, 12 settings


  • Limited instructions for cooking vegetables

Salter Dual Cook Pro air fryer review summary

We like air fryers partly for the innovative roster of functions often on offer to cook ingredients quickly and evenly. With dual-drawer air fryers, you can cook two different dishes at the same time, with the gadget doing the timing work for you to ensure everything’s finished at the same time. Or, for large households, make double the quantity using a lot less oil.


The Salter dual-drawer air fryer sits at the lower end of the price spectrum and is a good choice for anyone wanting an affordable step-up in cooking capacity from a single-drawer model. It’s also more compact than you’d expect, measuring 40cm in length, 36cm in width and 32cm in height.

This is only 10cm longer than many of the single-drawer models we know and love, plus it slots under low-hanging kitchen cupboards for storing on the countertop. If you don’t mind a bit of trial and error to achieve the right cook for your favourite dishes, this dual-drawer air fryer is great value for money.

Setting it up

This model arrived pre-assembled which makes the unpacking a simple affair. We washed its drawers and crisper trays in hot soapy water which removed all trace of its 'new product' smell.

How easy was it to use?

The panel was touch-sensitive and pretty self-explanatory with the air fryer’s 12 preset functions signalled by small icons. Time and temperature are both adjustable so if you need to have a play, you’re able to do so. The instruction manual offers a cooking function guide for you to use as a starter for temperatures and cooking times, but instructions for cooking vegetables were particularly vague.

Separate to this are the options to sync cook for which you set each drawer’s temperature and cooking times for the different foods so they can finish cooking at the same time. If you’re cooking double quantities, the match-cook setting saves you from having to programme the drawers twice. Or, for solo flyers, there's the option to manual cook.

Once we had selected the function, the air fryer automatically pre-heated and beeped to alert us when we should add ingredients.

Cooking results

We added one whole small chicken into one drawer and raw chipped potatoes tossed in one tbsp of oil into the other. The drawers are narrower than your average air fryer drawer, which meant less surface area for achieving an even air fry on the chips. We expected to have to toss the chips multiple times. The depth, however, was good.

We used the Sync Cook setting to cook both the chicken and chips at the same time on different settings. The chicken was slightly uneven in its appearance after cooking and the end closest to the back was darkened, though not overdone. The chips needed 25 minutes – extending the 15-minute preset, and a shake in the middle as predicted. Thanks to non-stick coatings on the drawers and crisp trays, the cleaning was really simple by hand.

How sustainable is the Salter Dual Cook Pro air fryer?

One particular stand-out is this model's low wattage whic,h combined with its quick-heating and fast cooking, could have a lesser impact on your energy bills for smaller quantities and particular ingredients.

Salter EK4548 Dual Cook Pro air fryer summary

For its price and variety of functions, the Salter dual air fryer is good value for money and isn’t an enormous addition to the kitchen countertop. The component parts felt good quality, didn’t overheat and the results of our test proved well done. We would have benefited from more cooking guidance for vegetables, but cooking time and temperatures are easily adaptable so experimenting to achieve your personal favourites would be doable. With 12 preset functions and drawers deep enough to accommodate a small whole chicken, this is a good entry-level model for dual-drawer air frying.

Salter dual air fryer specifications

Food capacity: 8.2L
Power: 1600W
Weight: 8kgs
Dimensions: W36 x H32 x D 40cm
Safety features: Automatic pause
Pre-sets: 12

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