The best whisks tried and tested

A great whisk is a kitchen essential. Read the BBC Good Food review of top manual and electric whisks.

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They take up room in the utensil pot and generally don’t get used everyday, but everyone needs a few different-shaped whisks. Whether you are making béchamel sauce, incorporating air into egg whites or even mashing (yes, really!), you’ll find yourself reaching for your whisks time and again.

What whisk should I buy?

This depends on what you are primarily going to use it for. If all you do is make white sauce, then a sauce or flat whisk is required. However if you’re into baking, a balloon whisk is a must.

You also need to take into account what pans you have – a stainless steel whisk may scratch the surface of a non-stick so you’ll need something non-steel to avoid the surface becoming damaged.

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The best whisks for common kitchen tasks

KitchenCraft Colourworks magic whisk

Best whisk for making sauce

This was one of the very first gadgets I ever bought and my sauces would be lumpier without it. It’s a little flat whisk so you can really get to the corners of a milk pan to give your sauce or custard a gentle whisk.

Because it’s silicone-coated you can use it in a non-stick pan, so it’s handy if you are making a béchamel sauce, plus it’s resistant up to a temperature of 260C. It’s especially good for remedying lumpy gravy and quick to clean, too.

Available from Amazon (£4.25)

Bakery Bits Danish dough whisk

Best whisk for making bread

Proving that there’s a gadget for everything, this whisk makes light work of mixing dough compared to a wooden spoon. Its purpose is mixing the ingredients for bread prior to kneading. It proved brilliant at breaking up the lumps and getting the water, flour and any sourdough starter mixed up.

The spiral design meant not much stuck to it and the tapered wooden handle was extremely comfortable to hold. You can’t put it in the dishwasher but it was no more difficult to wash up than a metal fork. 

Available from Bakery Bits (£9.10)

Kenwood HM220 electric hand mixer

Best electric whisk

Well-built and durable (mine is going strong after eight years) this electric mixer comes with stainless-steel beaters. I love the shape, particularly the way the handle fits snugly into your palm, plus it’s not too heavy to hold for long periods.

I can’t remember a time before I used this to whisk my egg whites – its variable speeds mean I can control the whisking quickly and efficiently and it’s the best way to whip up cream. I use mine to make mashed potato too; when you first go in with the whisk, use a slow speed to break the potatoes up, increase it to high and voilà – lovely fluffy mash!

How we tested whisks

We reviewed a representative sample of whisks and scored them against the following criteria.

1. Durability. My whisk goes through a lot of work. It needs to be sturdy and, if metal, I don’t want it to rust the first time I pop it in the dishwasher.

2. Weight. Face facts: whisking takes time. It can be arduous and it’s made more so if the whisk you’re using is too heavy and you need to take a break every 30 seconds. Something lightweight is a must.

3. Easy to clean. My final choices needed to clean up well and quickly.

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