• Glass blender jug, self-clean setting, 5-year guarantee


  • Heavy to manoeuvre, confusing pause before starting its speed settings, short flex cord, plunger not included

KitchenAid K400 blender review summary

Sleek, sturdy and pricey, this KitchenAid is an investment blender made to sit proudly on the countertop. The die-cast metal base is a feature in itself with non-slip feet and heft enough to warrant two handle grooves on the underside.


It's a great machine for left-handers, offering the option to slot the jug in with the handle on the left or right. The investment price may be a sticking point for some, but covered by a five-year manufacturer warranty, it's a blender built to last.

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How easy is it to use the KitchenAid K400 blender?

Made from glass, the 1500ml (1.4L working capacity) jug is classic milkshake style and features notches on its side (ml) and back (oz with a cup-conversion). These are practical and don't obstruct the main view during blending. The blades are ready-loaded and secured, which is a pro from a safety perspective.

The lid has a centre cap that screws off for sticking a long spoon through to prod stubborn ingredients, although a plunger is not included in the box. The lid's actual seal is so effective that it's a tussle to remove, but a tab to pull on helps this. The jug itself just lifts and locks without needing a twist.

Speed controls are intuitive, moving seamlessly between five levels, a pulse function and one of four pre-set options.

The cord is fixed and only around 1m so it needs to be positioned close to a plug. It's also heavy; designed to be a counter-top statement and not a blender for storing in the cupboard. The weight and size (slightly larger than that of a kettle) of its 1200watt base would make it impractical to move around frequently. However, that also means it's not vulnerable to knocks.


In addition to the five speed settings, there are ice-crush, icy-drink and smoothie presets plus a self-clean function. Luckily the lack of a plunger isn't very obvious; no lumps needed prodding back down towards the blades.

Frozen fruits for the super berry smoothie were pulped in under 15 seconds. Fibrous kale, beetroot and ginger didn't pose any problem to the asymmetric blade, aided by a ribbed jar and adaptive Intelli-speed motor which senses the contents to maintain the right speed. There was also zero smell or residue left from the homemade tomato sauce.

Should you buy the KitchenAid K400 blender?

This is a real kitchen workhorse, designed with daily use in mind. The instruction manual is a chunky affair that runs you through using all the optional accessories that aren't included in the box, but offers a blender function guide and description, blending time estimate and suggested ingredients for each function. Lots of additional accessories are available, so it becomes more versatile with some investment.

KitchenAid K400 SKSB40 blender specifications

In the box: 1.4L glass jug with pouring spout, secure lid with removable measuring cap
Serial number: SKSB40
Wattage: 1200W
Jug capacity: 1.4L working capacity
Speed options: five, plus pulse and three preset programs; ice crush, icy drinks, smoothie and self-cleaning cycle
Manufacturer guarantee: 5 years
Recipe booklet included: Yes

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