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Dangerous Don mezcal review

Treat yourself to this heady mezcal distilled in coffee beans. Does it deserve top marks in our taste test? Read on to find out how we scored it.

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Dangerous Don mezcal – 48% ABV

Overall rating: 5/5

In a nutshell: A rare flavoured mezcal with a chocolate-coffee flavour that’ll keep you going back for more. The intense flavour profile makes it an ideal sipping mezcal, although it’s also good served with tonic water.

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True to its name, and at 48% ABV, this mezcal definitely has an element of danger about it – especially as it is very moreish.

The mezcal is distilled with a dash of coffee – just enough to give it a hint of chocolate on the nose and coffee on the palate. Flavoured mezcals are not as common as they are with other spirits, but Mexican regulations do allow distillers to add herbs, spices and other ingredients during distillation.

Dangerous Don uses 100% espadin agave, which is distilled twice – the norm for mezcal. The distillate is then steeped in coffee beans before a third distillation produces the final product. The beans used are organic NaomQuie Coffee beans, grown on the Oaxaca coast.

Despite the addition of the beans, coffee isn’t the first thing that strikes you in the scent. It’s more savoury, with a hint of bonfire smoke, vanilla, chocolate and citrus. It also has a nutty smell, not unlike hazelnut liqueur. The heady mix of aromas mask any alcohol smell, despite it being 48% ABV. 

But, the alcohol definitely comes out in the taste. The nuttiness is still present and very pleasant too, creating the impression that you’re at an autumnal bonfire with nuts roasting somewhere, while simultaneously drinking a hot chocolate. There’s also a smoky bitterness on the finish. 

The perfect pour

This is a perfect sipping mezcal. However, mixing it with tonic brings out the flavours even more, producing a delightful smooth, warm, vanilla-coffee-chocolate taste.

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