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Bruxo X – 40% ABV

Overall rating: 4/5

In a nutshell: A clean, smooth mezcal with a crisp minerality about the flavour profile. You can also expect honey sweetness and a lush consistency.

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Bruxo (pronounced Bruho) is yet another brand that was created by people who went travelling in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, discovered mezcal, and wanted to set up a company to promote this drink more widely.

In this case, though, instead of travelling from the USA the founders had only travelled from Oaxaca City, but still it was a revelatory experience when they discovered the world of this magical spirit.

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They have released a number of expressions, simply named from Bruxo 1 through to Bruxo 5, the latest being Bruxo X. Bruxo X is a blend of mezcals produced using two agaves, 80% espadin and 20% barril, from the town of San Dionisio Ocotepec. It’s made in the traditional way, by first roasting the agave in an earthen pit.

The mezcal is produced not by blending the agaves before cooking, but by producing two different mezcals, one 100% espadin and the other 100% barril, and then blending the results, as happens with blended whiskies. Both the mezcals used are unaged.

The result is a crystal clear and very smooth mezcal. On the nose there are aromas of straw, of the earthy agave, a savoury scent, some citrus and floral notes… and no smoke at all, for those who think all mezcal is smoky. Neither is there any notable alcohol smell.

That alcohol comes through on the palate, much more so than the 40% ABV would suggest. There’s more of a honey-like sweetness to it as well, a certain crisp minerality, and a lovely mix of spice and caramel. The overall impression is that this is very reminiscent of a good, smooth, non-smoky Scotch whisky.

There’s a slight hint of bitterness on the finish, but otherwise it is as smooth going down as it is in the mouth, where it has a lushness and a good mouthfeel. All in all, this is a spirit which it would be interesting to give blind to a non-mezcal drinker and ask them to identify it. They would probably be pleasantly surprised.

The perfect pour

Sekforde’s Botanical Mixers have produced a mixer specifically designed for both mezcal and tequila, a blend of prickly pear, fig and cardamom. It worked especially well with the crystal-clear Bruxo X, though sipping the mezcal neat is also recommended.

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