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  • Seitan & black bean stir-fry

    Seitan & black bean stir-fry

    A star rating of 4.4 out of 5.26 ratings

    This handy vegan stir-fry makes a satisfying supper, with a sticky sweet and spicy sauce. Seitan, peanut butter and a mix of veggies is a winning combination

  • Seitan chicken served in a frying pan


    A star rating of 3.2 out of 5.9 ratings

    Make your own vegan protein with this tasty alternative to chicken. Use in stir fries or deep-fry in batter until crispy. Serve with your favourite sides

  • Vegan jerky in a jar

    Vegan jerky

    A star rating of 5 out of 5.1 rating

    Make this plant-based seitan jerky as a vegan snack. It will keep in the fridge for up to a week, so it's great for those times in the day when you need a pick-me-up

  • Fried seitan in dish with coleslaw

    Vegan fried chicken

    A star rating of 5 out of 5.6 ratings

    Use a tofu substitute to make this addictive crispy fried ‘chicken’. Try this delicious vegan party food with BBQ sauce, or in a bun with salad or coleslaw

  • Vegan wellington served with vegetables and gravy

    Next level vegan wellington with gravy

    A star rating of 5 out of 5.2 ratings

    Impress family and friends with our vegan wellington. Perfect for a special occasion or at Christmas, it's packed with umami flavours and encased in pastry

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