Valentine’s Day gift guide

Valentine’s gifts for foodies that won’t make you cringe (too much anyway)…

From rhubarb vodka to a heart shaped nettle wrapped cheese, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite Valentine’s gifts of the year. And we promise there are no stuffed teddies in sight…


Heart shaped nettle wrapped Cornish Yarg

As far as we are concerned, nothing says love like a giant block of cheese. Especially one that was awarded the Best English Cheese at the 2012 International Cheese Show. Described as young, fresh and really creamy – you might want to dump your date and keep the cheese for yourself.  

£25.95, from,

Six chocolate roses

Prefer chocolate to flowers? This beautifully presented case from Carluccio’s provides the best of both worlds; the only trouble is they are almost a bit too pretty to eat.

£24.95, from,

Beer tasting
Beer brewing classes

Dating a beer lover? Plenty of breweries now offer day courses up and down the country. Whether you are looking for beer tasting and matching or a craft beer connoisseur’s weekend, Hartingtons have plenty on offer.

Prices dependent on course,

Rose & violet hot chocolate

Still on tentative ground? Seal the deal with a tin of rose & violet hot chocolate from Fortnum & Mason. This intoxicating mixture of Fortnum’s chocolate and real crystallised rose and violet petals should heat things up. Plus it is still pretty cold outside.

£15, from,

Stoneware deep heart dish

Planning on sticking around? This beautiful Le Creuset dish is a bit of an investment, but if you play your cards right you’ll be getting delicious dinners for years to come.

£49, from, Le Crueset

Cocoa Runners Valentine’s box

Cocoa Runners is a chocolate club, which delivers a selection of artisan chocolate bars, sourced from around the world. The Valentine’s box will contain five beautifully packaged bars, a card with a message and includes a special Zotter Chocolate bar aptly named “For Those In Love”.

£24.95, from,

Toast stamp

If you want to make a declaration of love, then what better way to do it than on a nice piece of buttered toast? Simply press the stamp firmly onto the bread before toasting then your design will appear when the bread is done.

£4, from,

Rhubarb vodka

If your Valentine likes rhubarb and vodka then you should be in for a good evening. Chase Distillery slowly cook Herefordshire rhubarb before distilling it with its naturally sweet and creamy English potato vodka, for a delicate pink, fragrant spirit. A good base for some romantic cocktails too.

£35, from,


Not buying in to shop-bought gifts? Treat your loved one to some homemade magic with our guide to edible Valentine’s gifts