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Best ever barbecue recipes

Best ever barbecue recipes

Grill up a summer feast with our burgers, ribs and kebabs.
How to use elderflowers

How to use elderflowers

These fragrant and delicate summer blooms are a wonderful addition to desserts and drinks.
Top 20 summer baking ideas

Top 20 summer baking ideas

Our top-rated recipes include tasty scones, bread, cakes and cheesecakes.
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Top 20 picnic recipes

Top 20 picnic recipes

Discover the best recipes to enjoy al fresco and pack up for a picnic from sandwiches to desserts.

Get baking

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Bake because you can

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Easy baking

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Kids' baking

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Summer baking

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Wellbeing tips

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Top 10 healthy, mood-boosting recipes

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The best home gym equipment to buy

We put popular home gym equipment to the test. Discover the best skipping ropes...
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The health benefits of exercise

Discover the many benefits of physical activity, including stronger bones and...
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7 of the best workout videos

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Mindfulness tips for working from home Guide

Mindfulness tips for working from home

Discover simple techniques for practising mindfulness everyday, no matter where...
Hydration is needed for digestion, for our heart and circulation, for temperature control and for our brain to work well. It’s thought that water can boost mental performance and just mild dehydration can cause fatigue and headaches. Since maintaining concentration and focus are big challenges when working at home, ensuring you're adequately quenched is a no-brainer. Fill up a jug or reusable bottle with a target amount of water at the start of the day to remind you to keep sipping.
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