Wilko Grey stand mixer review

Wilko stand mixer review

A food mixer can be a sound investment for bakers, but they can cost several hundred pounds. Read our review of this cheap and cheerful stand mixer by Wilko.

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Wilko stand mixer

Pros: lightweight, good value for money

Cons: casing feels inexpensive, not great with large mix loads

Star rating: 3/5

Available from Wilko (£60)

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If you’ve survived this long using just a beater or stick blender and wonder what a stand mixer could do for your kitchen skills, this budget buy may be a good way to find out.

It does everything some of the much more expensive models can do, using its included beater, whisk and dough hook attachments to bring ingredients together.

You may occasionally need to stop the machine to push mixes further down into the bowl, but for a tenth of the price of some of the more efficient models we looked at, we think that’s a small price to pay.

Grey is an on-trend colour for kitchens, so this will look good on the counter. At first glance, it looks far more expensive than its surprising £60 price tag.

But, after going through the other models we tested for our best stand mixer review, we could feel the difference in quality of materials and attachments here.

The bowl, although stainless steel, was the most lightweight of all those we tested, and the casing was plastic rather than the zinc or steel of the more expensive brands.

That aside, some of us aren’t regular bakers, but like to have the versatility of a stand mixer to help with kneading bread or pizza dough. This Wilko model performed satisfactorily there.

Although it didn’t have the immovable weight of some larger mixers, small suckers fitted on the base meant that, if placed on a worktop or completely flat surface, it held firmly in place even when on the highest of its six speed settings.

This is a great choice for anyone with mobility issues, or those who would like to move it around the kitchen or with awkward cupboard space. At just over 3.5kg, it’s the lightest stand mixer we tested.

Available from Wilko (£60)

Wilko stand mixer specifications: 
Speeds: Six, plus pulse
Watts: 1000W
Attachments included: flat beater, balloon whisk, dough hook
Bowl capacity: 5-litre, stainless steel
Accessories: splash guard

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