• Affordable, retro good looks, efficiency


  • Light insertion and ejection of accessories

VonShef hand mixer summary

The VonShef is a well-built and super-stylish whisk, with a lovely retro shape and cream-and-silver colours. It's a light 800g, and though not overly large, performed extremely well during our test, thanks to a robust five-speed 300W motor and good-quality accessories. We especially like the generous curved handle with two finger grips. We'd like a firmer, more reassuring click when inserting the accessories and a firmer push needed to eject them, but despite this, the attachments stayed in during our test. We highly recommend this affordable, robust whisk not just for the great results it produces, but also its stylish good looks and great handling.


What were our first impressions of the VonShef hand mixer?

At an affordable price, the VonShef whisk feels amazingly well-built, with a shiny plastic-and-chrome shell. It’s also an incredibly stylish whisk, and scores high on looks, with a retro shape and cream-and-silver colours. It also arrives in fully recyclable packaging.

At only 800g, it's not overly large, and would appeal to anyone who can't hold a heavier whisk. But don’t let its size deceive – it has a power-packed 300W motor.

VonShef cream hand mixer

How is the VonShef hand mixer to use?

The VonShef is lovely to hold, with a gently curved, generous handle that has a couple of finger slots for an even more secure grip. With the beaters or dough hooks inserted, the whisk does become a little forward-heavy, and is taken slightly off-balance. This causes some vibration, but not enough to cause any concern. As this is a lightweight whisk, it’s easy to hold even on high speeds, where it does tend to vibrate.

With five speeds and a turbo button, there is a lot to play with here. There’s a good distinction between the speeds on the thumb-operated switch, and the turbo switch really stirs things up when pressed.

The VonShef comes with a pair of strong beaters, dough hooks and an excellent whisk. They click just a little too easily into place, and the eject button releases them without much pressure. We'd like them to be more reassuringly secure, but they work effortlessly. We especially like the long dough hooks that cut through bread dough quickly. Meringue whisks quickly and easily, as does buttercream and whipped cream.

Our verdict

We highly recommend this affordable, robust whisk, not just for the great results it produces, but also its stylish good looks and great handling.

VonShef hand mixer specifications:

Attachments: twin beaters, two dough hooks and a whisk
Eject button: yes
Speeds: five speed settings, plus a turbo setting
Weight: 800g
Size: 11 x 7.5 x 18.5cm
Wattage: 300W
Dishwasher safe parts: accessories only

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