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Smeg HBFP01 food processor accessory

Smeg food processor accessory review

Published: February 18, 2021 at 11:53 am
A star rating of 4.5 out of 5.
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If you already have a Smeg hand blender, the brand's new 4-in-1 food processor accessory could be the perfect space-saving option.


  • lightweight, versatile and space-saving


  • expensive, you need a Smeg hand blender

Smeg HBFP01 food processor accessory summary

The Smeg HBF02 hand blender is a powerful 700w bit of kit that's versatile enough to take the strain of blending, chopping and whisking thanks to a robust bunch of accessories. While previously it lacked food processor functionality, now Smeg's new accessory is compatible with both HBF01 and HBF02 hand blenders and is easier to store than a whole new appliance.


What components come with the food processor accessory?

The main body is a robust 1.5-litre beaker with anti-slip silicone feet and a useful handle. This and its lid can be washed in the dishwasher on the top shelf anyway. A silicone rim around the lid creates a great seal.

An S-shaped blade comes pre-loaded with a blade guard for safe storage. Then there's a slicing disk that's height adjustable for personalising thicknesses, a reversible shredding disk with coarse and fine blades, and lastly an emulsifier disk made of grey plastic for whipping egg whites or cream.

All slot onto one central stalk which is designed with a variety of threads so that each one sits at the right height. For example, the emulsifying disk sits at the base just like blade, whereas the grating and slicing disks stay just beneath the feeding chute.

Smeg food processor accessory results

First off, we put the S-blade to the test with a classic pesto recipe. It chopped and blended the fresh herbs with the other ingredients into a coarse but well-mixed pesto. More fibrous ingredients like ginger for a Balinese spice paste were also handled to create a smooth, thick blend.

The instruction manual actually offers guidance on which speed setting will get the best from each disk, so as recommended, we went for the turbo function for grating cheese with the double-sided shredding blade. Both sides were extremely efficient.

The slicing disk itself is height adjustable for personalising the thicknesses required for recipes so that meant minimal faffing with extra parts. For example, potatoes cut lengthways and fed down the feeding tube came out the other side perfectly sliced for dauphinoise.

The onions fared better on a thicker setting. A pair of finger slots helped for the safe loading and removing of this disk.

A sturdy, constant pressure from the hand blender is required to keep the jug stable with each function. But the emulsifier was a favourite. Entirely made from plastic, there are no blades to worry about. It whipped egg whites in under one minute and is easy to remove and clean.

Smeg HBFP01 food processor accessory with hand blender


You can buy a more powerful food processor for less than the cost of this attachment. However, if you already have a Smeg hand blender this accessory will save you storage space. And you actually don't need more power for everyday use.

The disks performs all functions with speed and efficiency. Every component has been thought-out and well-designed. Every blade except the slicing blade can be stacked onto the central thread for safe storage within the central compartment. Fully lowered, the slicing blade is also safe to store.

Smeg food processor attachment specifications
Components: large base unit (1.5L) lid with feed tube, S-blade, double sided grating discs (fine and coarse), recipe book
Functions: slice, chop, blend, emulsify, mince

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