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Russell Hobbs Desire hand mixer

Russell Hobbs Desire hand mixer review

Published: September 15, 2020 at 3:29 pm
A star rating of 4.0 out of 5.
Our Rating

Looking to invest in a good hand mixer for baking? Read our review of this hand-held machine by Russell Hobbs


  • Lightweight, great accessories


  • Confusing eject button

Russell Hobbs hand mixer summary

The five-speed Russell Hobbs is a good-looking whisk, with a black matte and shiny finish. The whisk comes with impressive accessories made of good-quality stainless steel, with an unusual but efficient cross between a beater and whisk that performed extremely well in our test. The large, comfortable handle and great balance make this an easy whisk to use, though there is some vibration and noise at the top speed. The Russell Hobbs is an excellent whisk that, despite feeling a little flimsy at first, is, in fact, a sturdy little workhorse with excellent accessories at an affordable price.


What were our first impressions of the Russell Hobbs hand mixer?

The Russell Hobbs 24672 is a handsome-looking machine, with a plastic black matte and partly shiny finish. This does mark very easily, but it's nothing a damp cloth can’t sort.

We were very impressed with the accessories included with this whisk during our test. There are rounded beaters (a cross between a beater and a whisk) and dough hooks. Both have good weights, and are extremely sturdy. There are clear diagrams on the base of the whisk to locate where the accessories go, and all click firmly into place. It's only the eject button that's a little confusing – it works by pushing the speed selector button on the handle down. While this can be a little scary from a safety perspective, it reassuringly only works when the machine is switched off, so there's no possibility of accidentally ejecting the attachments at full speed. 

Russell Hobbs Desire hand mixer

How is the Russell Hobbs hand mixer to use?

The large handle is easy to hold and helps with the balance, as the machine has slightly forward heaviness. Vibration is low at the slower speeds, and increases by speed 5 – by this time, the whisk is also quite noisy. 

The results, however, are good. The dough takes some effort in the beginning, but as you slowly increase the speed, the 350W punches well above its weight and takes firm hold to make a silky-smooth dough. The lovely shape of the beaters make short work of buttercream, which comes out fluffy and light. Whipped cream and egg whites also become stable and glossy very quickly. 

Our verdict

The Russell Hobbs is a good little whisk, which, despite feeling flimsy at first, is in fact a sturdy workhorse with excellent accessories at an affordable price.

Russell Hobbs 24672 Desire hand mixer specifications:

Attachments: twin beaters and two dough hooks
Eject button: yes
peeds: five, plus turbo function
Weight: 850g
Size: 19.5 x 8 x 15cm
Wattage: 350W
Dishwasher safe parts: no

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