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Pallini limoncello review


Italian lemon-flavoured digestif limoncello is the taste of summer in a bottle, best served ice-cold direct from the freezer. Read our expert review of this bottle from Pallini.

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Pallini limoncello (26% ABV)

Star rating: 9/10

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In 1875, he moved into the alcohol market, and the business began growing into the powerhouse we know today after the family moved production to Rome.

A couple of years after the move, Nicola began working with a chemist, and Pallini’s liqueur recipes were perfected. Mistra – an aniseed spirit often drunk with coffee – swept the capital, and the business expanded.

Eventually, the distillery was offered the exclusive production of sambuca Romana, with a view to exporting it to the US. It fast became the most successful sambuca in the world. Pallini began production of its now-famous limoncello in 1999, working to an old family recipe. 

The limoncello looks thick in the bottle, and looks certainly don’t deceive in this case – the zesty drink is creamy on the tongue, but this can become syrupy, depending on how long it's been in the freezer.

There are subtle, earthy notes that help ground the palate and prevent the limoncello from being sickly, and the overall mouthfeel is rounded and well balanced, slowly enveloping the tongue.

The perfect pour

This is a classic limoncello, and should be enjoyed on its own in all its glory. We drank it directly from the freezer, but left the bottle on the table, as after the liquid approaches room temperature the flavours open up, hinting more towards vanilla and anise.

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