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Citrussy limoncello is the ultimate summer drink, best served straight from the freezer. Read our expert review of this classic bottle from Luxardo.

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Luxardo limoncello (27% ABV)

Star rating: 9/10

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Luxardo has been producing liqueurs since 1821. Girolamo Luxardo founded his distillery in the Dalmatian capital of Zara (now Zadar) on the Adriatic coast.

His wife Maria Canevari was intent on making the perfect rosolio Maraschino – a cherry-based liqueur that has been around since the medieval age and is still popular today.

As the company grew so did its portfolio. Luxardo’s limoncello has been a favourite since it first hit the market in 1905. Despite this, the recipe was given a slight tweak in 2010, and the new formula was launched in a new bottle.

The 21st century twist is more intense, boasting 25% more lemon juice. Alongside the fresh lemon juice, the liqueur is made with lemon peels and pulp, infused over a long period of time with alcohol. 

This is a coarse, in-your-face limoncello that boasts a much bolder and fuller mouthfeel than most of its competitors. It is oily, thick, well balanced and sweet without becoming overly tart, and there is a subtly bitter finish which is more than welcome. 

The perfect pour

Try a cello gimlet. A traditional gimlet is made with two parts gin and one part lime juice, though everybody has their own twist – this twist sees the lime juice replaced with Luxardo limoncello.

This is a cocktail sure to put some hair on your chest, enjoy as the sharp lemon slices through the botanicals in the gin.

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