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Katsaros limoncello review


Citrussy limoncello is the ultimate summer drink, best served straight from the freezer. Read our expert review of this bottle from Greek distiller Katsaros.

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Katsaros limoncello (22% ABV)

Star rating: 8/10

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Available from: 
Agora Greek Delicacies (£23.95)
Wine Buyers (£23.95)

Katsaros is of monumental importance in Greece as it is the oldest distiller of the country’s national drink, ouzo. Nikolas Katsaros came up with the recipe in 1856 for the now world-famous anise-flavoured liqueur, which has immense digestive properties.

The distillery was soon winning awards and is still doing so today, and it’s remained a family-run business with the fourth generation currently at the helm. It's also firmly rooted in Tyrnavos in Thessaly where vineyards abound and local ingredients are harnessed in the bottles. Tradition is important here, with handmade copper stills in use alongside state-of-the-art Inox tanks. 

Refusal to be satisfied with its lot has been a driving force behind the firm’s success, and it recently expanded into liqueurs, including this limoncello. It’s a logical step, given the produce available in the region and a fascinating one for discerning enthusiasts accustomed to Italian styles.

On the nose, the Katsaros limoncello is floral with a waxy lemon quality and, not surprisingly, aniseed comes to the fore. The palate is slick with sherbet lemon and here are hints of orange peel and vanilla on the finish. The overall mouthfeel is sharp and punchy, making it all-too easy to drink. 

The perfect pour

A sharp acidity makes this a chastening after-dinner tipple when served straight from the freezer. We enjoyed this one poured over vanilla ice cream, too; that creamy sweetness working well with the aniseed notes and helping open up the limoncello to draw out further fresh citrus flavours.

Available from: 
Agora Greek Delicacies (£23.95)
Wine Buyers (£23.95)

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