• Two-year warranty, dishwasher-safe pot and lid, three heat settings, non-slip feet


  • Outer gets hot, 'keep warm' function is not the most powerful

Daewoo 3.5-litre slow cooker summary

The Daewoo is a simple-looking slow cooker with excellent cooking capabilities. Hovering around £20 and covered by a two-year warranty, this is an affordable option for making fuss-free and reliably tasty meals.

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Daewoo 3.5-litre slow cooker results

This 160W Daewoo has a cheap-feel steel outer that marks with fingerprints easily. However, that and the fact that it gets quite hot during use are the only real faults.

It’s a very simple design, with one control switch offering three heat settings: low, high and keep warm. Both the lid and inner stoneware pot are noticeably well-fitted, not snug, but slow cooker pots can have the tendency to wobble inside the outer body making them feel unstable even when not.

There are practical handles on both the lid and either end of the body that make moving the slow cooker around easier. The lid itself is tempered glass, which survives a drop onto a stone floor with aplomb.

A little red light indicates when the cooker is on. The underneath gets warm, so if leaving on a wooden work surface overnight, we recommend sitting it on a heatproof mat for an extra layer of protection. This is only for added peace of mind – the cooker has non-slip silicone feet that make it a relatively stable gadget.


This is a real front-runner in results. Our slow-cooker beef stew is rich in consistency, but not overly thick or burned at the edges. The root vegetables in our tagine are almost caramelised. The pot and lid both clean well in the dishwasher.


For anyone looking for a back-to-basics slow cooker to achieve reliable results over a full eight hours of cooking, the Daewoo is a budget-friendly option that makes flavourful dishes.

Daewoo 3.5-litre slow cooker specifications

Capacity: 3.5-litre
Size: 30.4 x 29.7 x 21.8cm
Settings: low, high, automatic keep warm
Pot: stoneware
Lid: one hinged, and a removable lid
Guarantee: two year
Dishwasher: pot and glass lid
Oven- and hob-friendly: no
Instruction manual: yes
Recipes: yes

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