Discover the joys of homemade bread with our tried-and-tested recipes, expert advice and equipment reviews.

How to make bread

New to bread-making? Watch our video and learn how to make a satisfying loaf.
Our best ever bread recipes

Our best ever bread recipes

Find the perfect recipe for white bread, soda bread, focaccia and more.
 Bread makers: Tried and tested

Bread makers: Tried and tested

Read our independent reviews to find the best bread makers you can buy.
Top 5 easy breads to try

Top 5 easy breads to try

Start baking with our straightforward recipes and simple ingredients.
How to make sourdough

How to make sourdough

All you need to know about creating flavoursome sourdough bread.

Top 5 bread recipes

Easy-bake bread Recipe

Easy-bake bread


(33 ratings)

A loaf of soda bread on a chopping board Recipe

Easy soda bread


(41 ratings)

Want a simple bread recipe? This soda bread requires no kneading or proving, is...
Jar of sourdough starter, flowing over edges Recipe

Sourdough starter


(20 ratings)

Learn how to make a bubbling sourdough starter using white bread flour and...
Gluten-free bread served on a bread board Recipe

Gluten-free bread


(10 ratings)

A straightforward loaf of bread for anyone who's following a gluten-free...
Tiger bread sliced with jam Recipe

Tiger bread


(22 ratings)

With its iconic crackled crust and pillowy centre, tiger bread is a fantastic...

Top 5 healthy breads

Rye bread Recipe

Rye bread


(14 ratings)

Healthy banana bread Recipe

Healthy banana bread


(128 ratings)

Have your cake and eat it with this low-fat, healthy banana loaf - perfect for...
Seeded wholemeal loaf Recipe

Seeded wholemeal loaf


(13 ratings)

This hearty, wholesome bread is rich in flavour and packed with seeds - try...
Bread triangles on cooking rack in circle Recipe

Triangular bread thins


(11 ratings)

Bake our easy bread thins with wholemeal spelt and top with your favourite...

Fig, nut & seed bread with ricotta & fruit


(18 ratings)

Start the day well with this fruit and nut breakfast loaf, spread with cream...
It’s possible to over-knead dough if you’re using a tabletop mixer. The gluten can be stretched too far and start to ‘shatter’, resulting in a flat and heavy bread. If you’re worried, stop the machine after 3 minutes and finish kneading by hand.
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