How to cut cauliflower

Up your knife skills with our easy step-by-step video. Learn how to cut a head of cauliflower into bite-sized florets for roasting, frying or steaming.

We break down how to cut a cauliflower with this step-by-step video. Use the bite-sized florets in a variety of recipes, from roasts to stir-fries.


Over recent years, cauliflower has found culinary fame being used as a ‘rice’ alternative, served as ‘steaks’ or taking centre stage in a roast. It’s an easy vegetable to add to your diet – enjoy raw, steamed, puréed, mashed, grated or roasted.

Celebrate this veg by learning about the health benefits of cauliflower and how to make cauliflower rice. For even more inspiration, see our ultimate cauliflower recipe collection.


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