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Verano Lemon gin review

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Citrus-flavoured gin is becoming more popular than ever. How does this supermarket lemon gin stand up in our taste test? Read the results of our review of Asda's Verano lemon-flavoured gin.

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Verano Lemon gin – 40% ABV – no longer available

Rating: 5/5

In a nutshell: This lemon gin, exclusively available at Asda, has definite Spanish influences. In fact, 'verano' literally means 'summer' in Spanish. Extract of lemon peel is added for extra aroma and flavour, and the sweetness is reminiscent of lemon meringue pie. If you like limoncello, this will be the citrus gin for you. 

This product is no longer available to buy online. Find more like this in our citrus gin review.

Full Verano lemon-flavoured gin review

You may have been told not to judge a book by its cover, but packaging counts for something. Of the many citrus gins we tested, Asda's Verano lemon-flavoured gin was definitely a contender for prettiest bottle and most appealing packaging. And, in case you were wondering about Asda’s gin-making credentials, Verano is produced by distiller William Grant & Sons, which also makes Hendrick's. 

For some, this gin, infused with real Spanish lemons, might be a little cloying. The lemon flavour comes through, but it's a very sweet gin, and would be best sipped neat over ice. If you prefer a more sour, sharper citrus gin, this one won’t be for you.

There is also a gentle juniper undertone, but sweet lemons are very much the dominant flavour here, and there may not be enough in the way of herby botanicals or savoury notes for gin purists. But, at just £20 a bottle, it's worth trying if you're a fan of sweeter gins or limoncello. 

The perfect pour

Choose to play down the sweetness in a classic gin & tonic, or dial it up in a gin fizz. Lemon juice will give it a sour note, while the fizz of soda water fizz will act like sherbert.

This product is no longer available to buy online. Find more like this in our citrus gin review.


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