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ProCook Professional steel non-stick frying pan review


A reliable frying pan with a good non-stick surface is a great kitchen all-rounder. Read our review of this stylish, mid-range pan from ProCook. 

ProCook Professional steel non-stick frying pan (24cm)

Pros: professional feel, great heat control and retention, unmatched warranty
Cons: slippery handle, heavy, high sides, smaller surface area, occasional hotspots
Hob type: all


Score: 4/5

Buy from ProCook (£44)

With good usability in every area, the fact it’s oven- and dishwasher-safe and works on all hobs, plus an unmatched 25 year warranty, the ProCook scores high. It held up well in our extensive testing with great cooking results and a professional quality to the feel and build at a reasonable price.

The frying pan produced quick yet consistent cooking in our omelette test, retaining its heat brilliantly to hold a clean, creamy tasting baveuse (or very softly set) final result. It handled pancakes with similar ease, though slightly uneven browning indicated the odd hotspot and made the pancakes a touch dry.

It’s a heavy pan, especially considering its small diameter, restricting the surface area for cooking. It has high sides too, which is ideal for simmering curries or risottos, but if you want to sear food, it is more difficult with liquid less able to evaporate.

The impressive, shiny stainless steel finish looks great but would be prone to a build-up of dirt and it made the handle slightly slippery, especially during our ingredient tossing test. Thankfully the non-stick works like a dream and is PFOA-free, durable and scratch-resistant.

A great mid-tier model with exceptionally consistent cooking results, only let down by minor quibbles around size, versatility and comfort. If you’re looking for a cheffy-style pan, that’ll handle most kitchen challenges, the ProCook Professional will see you through.

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Star ratings:
Comfort and versatility 3.5/5
Cooking results 4/5
Value for money 4/5

Overall rating 4/5 

Buy from ProCook (£44)

Height: 4.5cm
Non-stick: ProCook Ultra Plus triple layer (PFOA-free)
Materials: stainless steel
Induction compatible: yes
Dishwasher safe: yes
Oven Safe: yes (260C)
Warranty: 25 years

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