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ProCook 6-piece professional ceramic cookware set review


A set of saucepans is a big investment but one that's worthwhile if you know which to buy. Read our review of this comprehensive ProCook set.

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ProCook 6-piece professional ceramic cookware set

Pros: Extra-smooth non-stick lining, great value, 25-year guarantee, easy to clean
Cons: Scratches from metal utensils will show up on the lining – use wood or silicone spoons

Overall rating: 4/5

Buy from ProCook (£199)

Why choose a ceramic pan over arguably longer-lasting stainless steel? We'd say ease of use. Although Pro Cook say it's worth treating them with oil regularly, we think the non-stick capabilities of this set are fantastic, so it’s not quite as crucial as it would be with some steel alternatives.

There's something nice about having such a light-coloured background to the food you are cooking. For example, if you want to get fried onions to just the right point of caramelisation, it's easy to see how things are progressing.

A more environmentally friendly material than traditional non-stick, the pans' PFOA-free ceramic lining is treated at a lower temperature in the manufacturing process.

Forged with a thick aluminium base sandwiched between stainless steel, a steady temperature was kept after initial cooking, with heat evenly spread around the sides of every size of pan.

Our favourite of the set was the 24cm shallow casserole, which was the perfect size to make a family-sized chilli and serve to the table. The metal handles on this set will get hotter to the touch than some others we tested, so gloves are best when removing straight from the oven.

If we have one gripe, the slight doming on the base of the frying pan meant small amounts of added fat or liquid would gather in the outer edges. But the good news is that the super-smooth base also meant that oil or fat wasn't necessarily needed, so this ceramic pan set is a great choice for healthy cooks.

Buy from ProCook (£199)

Pans included:14cm, 16cm, 18cm saucepans with glass lids, 24cm frying pan, 24cm shallow casserole with glass lid, 20cm stockpot with glass lid
Dishwasher safe: yes
Ovenproof: to 260 degrees
Guarantee: 25 years
Suitable for induction hobs: yes
Matching pans available: Saucepans, woks, steamers, sauté pans and casseroles

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