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Ninja mini chopper with ingredients

Ninja professional chopper review

Published: December 22, 2020 at 2:00 pm

Mini choppers operate like food processors and whizz up ingredients in moments. Read our review of this version from appliance brand, Ninja.


  • comes with storage containers, great at whizzing up breadcrumbs


  • food can get stuck to bowl ridges

Ninja professional chopper summary

In terms of setting up, this was one of the easiest mini choppers to put together, taking a matter of minutes from unboxing to operating. It functions with a simple one-touch push of the button on top of the power unit. We found it chopped, minced and puréed consistently, and with ease.


How is the Ninja professional chopper to use?

This is the only model we tested which comes with an additional bowl and lid for storing any ingredients you have chopped, or pastes and pestos you have made.

This means you have two 500ml bowls that can stack on top of each other in the fridge. If you’re short on space, you could even use them as storage, even if you're not using the chopper.

While a 500ml capacity bowl is larger than some models we tested, the accompanying lids make it suitable for smaller or single households too – if you make too much, it's easy to store the leftovers. It was also one of only two mini choppers we tested to have four blades.

The device features a relatively chunky and heavy hand-held power pod which means you can blend your ingredients with one hand once it has locked into place.

The lids for each container have a small flip lid, which the base unit fits into. Once you’ve finished pulsing, which is simply a case of pushing down the unit into the hole, you can flip the lid so that it’s covered and ready for storage.

Despite being in the mid-price range of the models we tested, it made the best breadcrumbs. It also tackled onion, parsley and a salsa with ease – we definitely noticed how effective the four blades, rather than the typical two, were. Conveniently, all removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

Because the bowls have slight ridges on them, food can get stuck – it would have benefitted from providing a spatula.


Overall, if you’re looking for finely, consistently chopped ingredients, this is perfect. If you're after a chunkier chop, you may want to go for a less powerful model/one with just two blades. This is a well-thought out, affordable machine, which ticks all of the boxes. We recommend exercising caution when handling the four-point blade though, it’s incredibly sharp.

Ninja professional chopper specifications
Components: two sealable and stackable containers with lid, four blades, power unit, instruction manual
Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 25cm
Speed settings: one speed
Motor: 200w
Colours: black

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