Ninefold pure single rum (40% ABV) summary

A modern rum from an ancient estate in the south of Scotland. This unlikely delight is un-aged and packed full of big, sharp flavours such as ginger and tart citrus but there’s also plenty of smooth, chewy caramel. Put this at the base of a warm rum punch to dispel any sniffles – think of it as a pirate’s hot toddy.


What's the story behind Ninefold pure single rum?

When we think of rum, we think of tropical beaches, white sands and crystal clear waters. We don’t typically think of rainy, windy British isles. Thankfully, there’s now more than enough reason to whistle Flower of Scotland whilst you pour yourself a tipple.

Ninefold distillery is situated in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland – it is, unsurprisingly, the first and only rum distillery in the south of Scotland. The firm flies in the face of tropical tradition by producing top quality rums from an unfamiliar landscape, proving that the most important ingredient in rum is craftsmanship.

The magic happens on the Dormont Estate. Both the distillery and the vast estate are owned by the Carruthers family, with son Kit at the helm of the rum operation. The story of the estate is a rich one, the current stewards being the 13th generation of Carruthers to own the land.

Nowadays the estate isn’t just home to a rum distillery, but also a number of eco-friendly homes, a holiday cottage and a popular fishing spot. The local council has used a number of the properties on the estate to house local homeless families, and the rest of the homes are let out in accordance to legislation which helps to provide affordable housing to the local population. The homes were also built with climate change in mind – one study found that heating, lighting and providing hot water for the homes cost a tenth of what the average UK household spends on heating alone.

How is Ninefold pure single rum made?

Using a blend of sugarcane molasses from throughout the globe, Dr Kit Carruthers, the good doctor, is knocking out some top notch spirits in small batches. The nose of the Ninefold pure single white rum is light and inviting, built of vanilla and butterscotch. The palate is sharp with citrus and ginger but tempered by vanilla and caramel before reaching an enduring peppery finish.

What does Ninefold pure single rum taste like?

Make yourself a warm rum punch with this one. Try four parts apple juice, three parts Ninefold pure single white rum, two parts sugar syrup and one part lemon juice. Combine all of the ingredients apart from the rum and heat on the hob or in the microwave. When at the right temperature for you (don’t boil), pour into a glass over the rum and garnish with a slice of orange. You can also stick in a cinnamon quill for added oomph.

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