Diplomático Planas (47% ABV) summary

Diplomático produces world-beating spirits from the foot of the Andes Mountains. This white rum highlights everything we love about the distillery – it's a complex spirit, sweet and spicy, with mingling caramel, chilli and ground nut notes. Try it in a martini with dry vermouth.


What's the story behind Diplomático Planas?

Diplomático is something of a mythical distillery. Seated at the foot of the Andes Mountains in Venezuela, this is an operation at one with the environment. The distillery has been family owned and operated since 2002, when it was bought by Destilerias Unidas S.A., ending a chain of conglomerate ownership.

‘Distilled consciously’ is the message from Diplomático. The company places great emphasis on sustainability in its production. Byproducts are reused wherever possible (the vinasse, or 'waste', from fermentation is repurposed as fertiliser for more than 1,000 hectares of sugarcane crops) and more substantial leftovers are used to supplement the feed for around 2,000 local buffalo.

In order to help maximise farming efficiency, the distillery supports the Fundana Venezuela. The non-profit foundation researches and develops pesticides and new sugarcane varieties, improving the livelihoods of local farmers who benefit from the greater crop yields. Owing to the distillery’s commitment to the project, Fundana Venezuela named a new sugarcane variety, the product of more than 10 years of research, 'La Diplomática'.

This commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is inspired by the legacy of a local nobleman, Don Juancho. He was famous for his passion for rum and spent his life searching for exotic spirits and building an enviable collection. In the late 19th century, Don Juancho realised the vast importance the environment plays on quality rum. Such is his legend in the Planas valley that his portrait adorns each bottle of Diplomático to this day.

How is Diplomático Planas made?

White rum is typically aged in stainless steel, often for a maximum of three years. It's this ageing which keeps the liquid colourless, separating it from darker rums which are often aged in oak casks. The Diplomático Planas takes a lengthier approach as it contains spirits which have been aged for six years in ex-bourbon barrels. The blend is then charcoal filtered up to six times in order to remove the colour, leaving us with a complex, well-aged white rum.

What does Diplomático Planas taste like?

Diplomático Planas is full of soft vanilla and fresh coconut on the nose. These two flavours follow through to the background of the palate, where they are pushed aside by thick caramel and bursts of sliced chilli.

We love this one in a martini, as simple as they come. In a mixing glass, combine ice, 50ml of Diplomático Planas, 10ml of Dolin dry vermouth and a splash of palo cortado sherry, then gently stir before straining into a coupe glass.

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