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How to freeze carrots

Learn how to freeze carrots at home and make your food go further. Discover the best techniques, our top tips and easy, storecupboard recipe suggestions.

Learn how to freeze carrots to get the best possible texture and flavour. Wondering what foods I can freeze? Discover our top tips and try our favourite freezable recipes.


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How to freeze carrots

  1. Line a baking sheet with a silicone sheet or baking parchment. If you can’t get a baking sheet in your freezer, line a shallow container instead.
  2. Raw carrots don’t freeze well, they go spongy when defrosted unless very finely chopped. Peel the carrots if you want. Either finely chop, baton or slice them, or if you make carrot cake often, grate them. Spread the very finely chopped or grated carrot on the baking sheet and freeze for 1 hour, before tipping into a bag to keep in the freezer. Label how much carrot is in the bag – this is useful when it comes to baking that cake.
  3. Alternatively, cook carrot slices and batons in boiling water for 2-3 mins before draining and cooling. Freeze on the sheet so the pieces aren’t touching for 2-3 hours, then tip into freezer bags or containers.

Carrots will keep for 3-6 months in the freezer.

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