Good Food Nation Survey 2017

Want to learn more about UK food habits in 2017? The Good Food Nation Survey has discovered some key trends about the way we eat in modern Britain.

This in-depth research was designed to build a picture of our eating habits in modern Britain and it’s uncovered some interesting patterns. If you’d like to learn more about what Good Food discovered, including everything from how we eat on holiday to a snapshot of 2017’s biggest food trends, take a look at our full PDF report.


Read all the details in our Good Food Nation Survey 2017 PDF report.

Some of our findings…

  • Younger generations appear to be cooking from scratch less often. With the rise of meal kits and DIY dinner prep deliveries, it seems that many are ditching a well-stocked storecupboard for pre-selected ingredients.
  • We’re also turning to video tutorials and online recipe guides for cooking inspiration. Ahead of platforms like Instagram and Snapchat, it seems we want technique demonstration at our fingertips.
  • The sandwich still reigns supreme in our children’s lunchboxes, with more people using fresh fruit and yogurts ahead of flapjacks and chocolate bars as snack food.

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