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Next level hot dogs

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Our team have created the four tastiest hot dog flavours you could imagine, here's all the barbecue inspiration you need.

Points to remember:

For our El Español dog we filled a hot dog bun with chorizo and pork sausage, added potatoes fried in olive oil, and piled in some chargrilled peppers from a jar. Finish with mayonnaise mixed with a little crushed garlic and serve.


Star of India

Fill a hot dog bun with your favourite vegetarian sausage, add mango chutney, raita, a sprig of coriander and a mini poppadum.

The Brit

Add an apple & pork sausage, onions fried in butter and beer, a good squeeze of English mustard, a few leaves of rocket and a pork scratching.

The big breakfast

Use a Cumberland sausage, a rasher of crispy bacon, some fried mushrooms, a dollop of tomato chutney and a fried egg.


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