Vegetarian Summer Diet Plan - Days 7-9

The last three days of our Summer Diet Plan are designed to leave you feeling refreshed, energetic and body-aware...

Summer diet plan Days 7-9

To help you carry on eating well all summer the end of the plan focuses on stabilising blood sugar levels and packs in plenty of energy-giving ingredients.


Day 7

Pistachio nut & spiced apple bircher muesliBreakfast
Pistachio nut & spiced apple bircher muesli
Why this works...
Sometimes food can struggle to move smoothly along the digestive tract, which can lead to feeling sluggish. Getting good sources of soluble fibre in the form of apple and oats may help restore energy levels.

Open rye sandwich with halloumi & avocadoLunch
Open rye sandwich with halloumi & avocado
Why this works...
Rye contains substantial amounts of insoluble fibre, plus B vitamins, which are essential in the energy production pathway in the body.

Chana masala with SpinachDinner
Chana masala with spinach
Why this works...
Spinach contains the mineral magnesium, which plays an important role in a variety of biological functions involved in the conversion of food into energy and the use of that energy.

Turmeric is a popular spice used in Indian, Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Turmeric contains the active ingredient curcumin, which has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


Day 8

Baked eggs with spinach & tomatoBreakfast
Baked eggs with spinach & tomato
Why this works...
Eggs are a great source of inexpensive protein and also vitamin B6, the 'workhouse' of nutrients, involved in more bodily processes than any other vitamin.


Crunchy mozzarella saladLunch
Crunchy mozzarella salad
Why this works...
Brightly coloured vegetables contain potent antioxidants, responsible for reducing the effects of oxidative stress.

Soba noodle & edamame salad with grilled tofuDinner
Soba noodle & edamame salad with grilled tofu
Why this works...
Soba noodles contribute a good dose of manganese, which is a component of several key enzymes, notably those needed to convert food into energy.


Day 9

Eggy spelt bread with orange cheese & raspberriesBreakfast
Eggy spelt bread with orange cheese & raspberries
Why this works...
Cottage cheese contains the amino acid tryptophan, a precursor to the feel-good hormone serotonin and sleep promoting hormone melatonin. 

Feta pâté platterLunch
Feta pâté platter
Why this works...
Artichoke hearts provide around 40% of your daily dose of fibre and are packed with antioxidants. Radishes are part of the brassica family, which help with liver cleansing and along with the carrots, provide a good amount of vitamin C.

Chickpea, tomato & spinach curryDinner
Chickpea, tomato & spinach curry
Why this works...
Lentils work hard in the nutrition stakes, aiding digestion, stabilising blood sugar and promoting satiety. Garlic is also a great source of vitamin B6, the nutrient key in many bodily processes.

Suggested snacks

Jennifer Irvine, author of our plan says:
''Snacks are an essential part of this plan. When I’m asked to recommend my one top tip, I don’t hesitate: eat regularly, including snacking – just make sure your snacks are healthy and protein-rich. Have one mid-morning and one in the afternoon. Think of them as a pit stop for your body and brain, which helps stabilise flagging blood sugar and glucose levels, allowing you to maintain concentration and energy levels. They also play a crucial role in weight loss, as healthy snacking stops you craving sugary top-ups.''

To support this stage of the plan try snacking on:

  • A piece of fruit (plum, orange or cup of berries) with a handful of nuts or seeds
  • One cup of edemame beans
  • Small pot of houmous with carrot sticks
  • Diced fresh coconut 

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19th Jun, 2014
yes I am having the same problem and I have a little moan too. while I have to say that both my husband and I are enjoying the plan we found it a little annoying that out of season ingredients such as papaya and pomegranate were used. Not all of us live within reach of a big supermarket and when I did manage to find some (my daughter in law being in London for the weekend) the price was ridiculous, while my improvisation was still delicious, and alternative would have been appreciated
Watts that
18th Jun, 2014
Hi, I am unable to open the feta pate platter recipe. It takes me to a sign in page. When I sign in a search does not return the recipe. Please can you rectify this problem. Many thanks. Sarah
13th Jun, 2014
Love the look of these menus! Can't wait to start my healthy plan tomorrow. Can't seem to open the feta pate link though... Any reason for this? Thanks!!!
16th Jun, 2014
BBC GOOD FOOD please help - I am having trouble viewing the feta pate platter recipe, every time I click on it, it tells me to log in, even though I already am. Are you able to post another link to it please? Thank you
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