Summer Diet Plan - Before you start...

Jennifer Irvine explains how the plan was put together, the best day to start and how to choose healthy snacks during the 9 days...

Summer Diet Plan - Before you start...

Our Summer Diet Plan is healthy and balanced, designed to keep you feeling satisfied after every meal and to help you to kick-start long-term healthy eating. If your diet has been a little lacking nutritionally, Jennifer Irvine has some words of advise as to what you might notice when you first start the nine day plan...

Jennifer Irvine

''Over the first couple of days, as the body cleanses itself, you may get a mild headache, or feel irritable and a little hungry as your blood sugar levels adjust. However, by the end of the nine days, you will probably be feeling and looking slimmer, healthier, and more energetic than you’d have thought possible while eating so well!''

When to start the plan
''Starting on a Saturday means you can begin your new eating regime when you have more time and are less caught up in your weekday routine. We’ve deliberately kept weekday recipes easier, too. Obviously, everyone’s week is different so do read through the plan and decide when it’s best for you to start.''


How the plan was put together
''The meals are designed to provide the perfect balance of complete proteins, slow-burning carbs, vitamin- and fibre-rich vegetables and salads, while being low in salt and refined sugars.

To make things easier, and save time, many weekday lunches are ‘upcycled’ from dinner the previous evening. This cuts down the time you need to spend on prepping a lunch, as you don’t need to make it from scratch.

How to choose your snacks

''Snacks are an essential part of this plan. When I’m asked to recommend my one top tip, I don’t hesitate: eat regularly, including snacking – just make sure your snacks are healthy and protein-rich. Have one mid-morning and one in the afternoon.

SnacksThink of them as a pit stop for your body and brain, which helps stabilise flagging blood sugar and glucose levels, allowing you to maintain concentration and energy levels. They also play a crucial role in weight loss, as healthy snacking stops you craving sugary top-ups.

To avoid the wrong kind of snack, you need to be a bit organised:
• Upcycle as much food as you can, using leftover pulses, nuts, vegetables, fruits and dairy from earlier meals.
• Seeds are a must, as is oily fish – a portion of mackerel pâté, for example, is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, essential for those grey (and white and red) cells, as well as for promoting glowing skin and stabilising moods.
• Healthy snacks don’t have to be boring – try a handful of calcium-rich almonds with a sweet crunchy
apple, a dollop of cottage cheese with some semi-dried tomatoes, a cup of edamame beans, or half an avocado with a slice of prosciutto.

Read more about the Summer Diet Plan


Comments, questions and tips

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19th Sep, 2014
I am gluten intolerant and struggle understanding what grains I am able to eat..I am thinking other than that this diet maybe suitable for me..please could you explain what grains would be ok.. Thank you
18th Sep, 2016
what can you drink while you are on the plan as i love my coffee
goodfoodteam's picture
29th Sep, 2016
Thank you for your question. It's really important to stay hydrated and we suggest drinking eight glasses of water a day. Green tea gives a caffeine hit and is a healthy choice too. Check out this guide for more advice.
18th Jun, 2014
Could you please answer the following two questions (I posted several days ago but can't find answers) 1. My husband doesn't eat hot fish and is not keen on tofu either. Can you suggest alternatives? AND 2. (very important as I am trying to encourage him to keep alongside me with this diet plan) are the alternatives listed on the right-hand side of the page with the menus on suitable for this diet, please?
16th Jun, 2014
I will try again with my question. As I am allergic to apples and apple juice I was wondering what I could use instead for the muesli breakfast?
goodfoodteam's picture
17th Jun, 2014
Hi there,For the museli, try using grated pear or carrot (might sound odd but will add a lovely sweetness) to replace the grated apple, and coconut water or carrot juice to replace the apple juice. If using carrot, you may want to add some extra cinnamon to create a flavour similar to carrot cake.Many thanks,The Good Food team
14th Jun, 2014
what happens after day 9?
goodfoodteam's picture
17th Jun, 2014
Hi there,We hope the plan will help to kick-start long term healthy eatin habits. You can revisit your favourite recipes and our tips for eating a balanced diet should help you to keep up the good work: thanks,The Good Food team
14th Jun, 2014
I'm allergic to nuts...
14th Jun, 2014
I'm allergic to curry can you give me an alternative please?
goodfoodteam's picture
17th Jun, 2014
Hi there, you could make one of the other dinners on the plan in place of this, or try one of our healthy recipes as an alternative: thanks,The Good Food team
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