Our best ever ice lolly recipes

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Frozen treats are hot right now. But don’t wait for the ice cream van to turn up - try making your own lollies to stash away for sunny days.

Our best ever ice lolly recipes

Summer 2014 is all about the big freeze – ‘poptail’ bars serving alcoholic ice lollies are a legitimate thing, and frozen cocktails are the drink of choice for the chic and sweltering. We must be trailblazers as we’ve had ice lolly moulds in our cupboards for years. But what’s the best way to fill them? Fruit juice, milk or cordial will usually do the trick, but we have some unique ideas that will be a hit with kids and grown-ups alike.

Our favourite ice lolly recipes

Ice lolly pensFruity ice lolly pens

Healthy, cooling and a creative outlet – how often can you say that about a recipe? These child-friendly lolly ‘pens’ are made from sugar-free cordial and fresh fruit, plus a secret ingredient – food colouring. Once frozen, dot some extra food colouring on a dish 'palette' and let your kids unleash their inner Picasso.

Fruity ice lolly pens

Frozen berryFrozen berry yogurt pops

This hybrid lolly is a beautiful amalgamation of cheesecake, frozen yogurt and fruity ice cream. The best part is you don’t even need a fancy mould to achieve their purple beauty – they’re made in paper cups lined with a ginger nut biscuit base. Light condensed milk keeps the fat content down, making them a good alternative to sugar-packed, traditional dairy ice cream.

Frozen berry ginger nut yogurt pops

Pink melon lolliesPink melon lollies

If fancy moulds are indeed your thing, look online for silicon versions in interesting shapes. We like a spherical finish, but these fruity watermelon lollies will work with any shape. Serve upturned on a bright platter or tray with a popping candy dip.

Pink melon lollies


Guava lolliesTwo-tone fruit lollies

You don’t get much more failsafe than these layered fruit lollies that are frozen in two stages. We used guava and passion fruit juice, but the recipe would work with any fruit juice, giving opportunity for lots of different flavour combinations. 

Guava & passion fruit lollies

Coconut ice lollyRaspberry coconut ices

Frozen yogurt is about as simple to achieve as it sounds, and it stands to reason that you can use any flavour of yogurt you like. Greek-style yogurt is extra thick and creamy, making it nicely ice cream-like. Find a coconut-flavoured version and contrast with summer berries.

Raspberry coconut ices

Milk popsMilk pops

Who doesn’t love a mini creamy milk pop? Our homemade version contains fresh strawberries for added nutritional kudos, and also light condensed milk for a creamy, sweet finish. The recipe would also work with other summer berries, such as raspberries or blackcurrants.

Strawberry milk pops

CornettosHomemade cornettos

Not an ice lolly as such, but a homemade iced treat to seriously impress. Pick up some waffle cones and good vanilla ice cream – or if you’re feeling super productive, you can make your own. Brush melted chocolate inside the cone and fill with fudge sauce. Top with the ice cream, yet more chocolate and nuts. It can be made with strawberries too. Bellissimo! 

Homemade cornettos

Do you make your own ice lollies? We’d love to hear your flavour combinations and ingredient suggestions. We also have plenty of ice cream recipes and a video guide to making ice cream

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craftmaven2005's picture

I make cocoa ice pops. They are made from fat free milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, sugar substitute and vanilla extract. I freeze them in dixie cups and put a stick in each one about an hour and a half after placing in the freezer. This recipe was modified from one i found in savoringtimeinthekitchen.com. Half way between a fudgsicle and a popsicle. DELICIOUS!!