Perfect pancakes

Cook: 30 mins


Serves 8
A foolproof batter recipe and plenty of tips on how to make pancakes with flair, whether sweet or savoury

Nutrition and extra info

  • Freezable
  • Easily doubled / halved
  • Vegetarian

Nutrition: per serving

  • kcal107
  • fat5g
  • saturates1g
  • carbs12g
  • sugars2g
  • fibre0g
  • protein4g
  • salt0.1g
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  • 100g plain flour
  • 2 egg



    The ultimate convenience food, eggs are powerhouses of nutrition, packed with protein and a…

  • 300ml semi-skimmed milk
  • 1 tbsp sunflower oil or vegetable, plus extra for frying
    Sunflower oil

    Sunflower oil

    A variety of oils can be used for baking. Sunflower is the one we use most often at Good Food as…

  • pinch salt


  1. Blending in the flour: Put the flour and a pinch of salt into a large mixing bowl and make a well in the centre. Crack the eggs into the middle, then pour in about 50ml milk and 1 tbsp oil. Start whisking from the centre, gradually drawing the flour into the eggs, milk and oil. Once all the flour is incorporated, beat until you have a smooth, thick paste. Add a little more milk if it is too stiff to beat.

  2. Finishing the batter: Add a good splash of milk and whisk to loosen the thick batter. While still whisking, pour in a steady stream of the remaining milk. Continue pouring and whisking until you have a batter that is the consistency of slightly thick single cream. Traditionally, people would say to now leave the batter for 30 mins, to allow the starch in the flour to swell, but there’s no need.

  3. Getting the right thickness: Heat the pan over a moderate heat, then wipe it with oiled kitchen paper. Ladle some batter into the pan, tilting the pan to move the mixture around for a thin and even layer. Quickly pour any excess batter into a jug, return the pan to the heat, then leave to cook, undisturbed, for about 30 secs. Pour the excess batter from the jug back into the mixing bowl. If the pan is the right temperature, the pancake should turn golden underneath after about 30 secs and will be ready to turn.

  4. Flipping pancakes: Hold the pan handle, ease a fish slice under the pancake, then quickly lift and flip it over. Make sure the pancake is lying flat against base of the pan with no folds, then cook for another 30 secs before turning out onto a warm plate. Continue with the rest of the batter, serving them as you cook or stack onto a plate. You can freeze the pancakes for 1 month, wrapped in cling film or make them up to a day ahead.

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Comments, questions and tips

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Comments (136)

helenavisser's picture

Absolutely perfect! Yummy! And thank you - I could never make pancakes before and now I think I can.

jennypiccolo's picture

Best recipe I've come across for pancakes. Trouble free perfect pancakes

huldu's picture

30 seconds and a flip?! Are you doing your pancakes on the back of a jet engine under full throttle? I could come nowhere near that 30 seconds, the closest I got to was 45 on very high temperatures. In my opinion the "moderate heat" could be explained a bit better because moderate heat and 30 seconds doesn't make any sense to me. Using moderate heat on my stove and it would take almost 2 minutes before one side got golden brown.

grimcooking's picture

Maybe you didn't preheat the pan before you started cooking?

Lukeyboyy94's picture

Brilliant recipe! First time I've actually ever made pancakes, great starter guide :)

lizleicester's picture

Mine had to be dairy free so I used soya milk (sweetened) instead of milk and they were (as the recipe suggests) perfect!

Emma_Milo's picture

Perfect recipe :)
****if you want large American pancakes then add a rounded teaspoon of baking powder and just cook them like you would for a pancake, not a crepe. We have an aga and just pour a full ladle onto the plate and get large sized fluffy pancakes, but it works amazingly as crepe batter too. Overall a very flexible tasty recipe!****

Adam Ryan's picture

This info was really useful

manicworkingmum's picture

Finally after 25 years I cooked edible pancakes, thank you.
My children will be eternally grateful !!

liensirch's picture

Simple and easy great for 3 hungry grandchildren. Can't understand anyone not being able to make great pancakes with this recipe. As said before this is not an American pancake mix this is a real pancake mix best eaten rolled up with lemon juice and sugar. Can't beat it!

Alwaysgoodfood007's picture

Perfect recipe but only makes 4 large pancakes, otherwise best pancakes ever!!

Marianaisnotabaker's picture

Anyone who says the recipe doesn't work hasn't looked at the picture. It's not American pancakes. It's "real" pancakes. I am terrible at any baking and American pancakes are especially a fail for me. But these pancakes (or to keep the Americans happy) - crêpes, are foolproof! delicious and easy if you just follow the instructions. Definitely saving this to my list

dannybroadbent's picture

Me and my fiancee followed these ingredients using a scale and measuring jug to ensure we got the correct amounts, we used a medium sized pan and used some kitchen roll to rub on the veg oil to the pan (so you don't have thick oil in areas of the pan). This recipe gave us the best partially thick pancake (pretty much perfect), not to thin and not to thick, we didn't follow the 30 seconds as everyones hob/aga is different (nor can you easily define the temperature to cook at), ours did take a little long than 30 seconds each side, but if your wanting the pancake to be the best you need to be a bit wiser when cooking and actually judge this yourself from what you can see, if your burning it you clearly got the heat up too high or left if too long. All in all this recipe worked perfectly for us and will continue to use it.

NinaC4's picture

This recipe is very good but I'd like to point out that these are not pancakes, they're crépes. Pancakes are thick, small and fluffy and crépes are large, thin and delicate

BethRP3's picture

Actually these are pancakes what you are talking about are america pancakes. crepes are made slightly different to this in a more traditional way.

madmrsmonkey's picture

These are definitely pancakes, thick fluffy ones are American style.

truewidow27's picture

Amazing pancakes, probablob the best damn pancakes in all the town.

noni's picture

When I made up the batter I thought I'd done it wrong as it looked far too runny but no it was perfect for traditional uk pancakes (like the photo depicts). If you are wanting a thick American pancake then this recipe is not for you.
My 80 year old mum said it was the best pancake she's ever had and she's made plenty over the years being a mother of four! Enjoy!

roisindubh211's picture

Fantastic recipe, easy to follow and get perfect pancakes.

melia's picture

Pancake Day ... what a disaster!
Recipe measurements are wrong. Very unhappy children!


Questions (4)

ketoth's picture

How big should the pan be?

goodfoodteam's picture

Hi there, thanks for your question. We'd suggest using whatever size of non-stick frying pan you have. It's easier to manage flipping the pancakes if you don't make them too big, even if the pan is large.

alexthebestchef666's picture

You never specified weither to use a raw egg or a fried egg. Which do I use?

goodfoodteam's picture

Thanks for your question. We use raw eggs in pancakes.

Tips (4)

Maryannethejourney's picture

I am in love with this recipe: absolutely delicious. Best part is you can make double/triple batter and store in fridge (in airtight container with lid) to use whole week - (use long-life milk).

annacat's picture

Excellent recipe but I omitted the vegetable oil and it worked perfectly without, then cooked with lashings of melted butter!

natouchka's picture

Very nice. I knew I wanted sweet crêpes so I added a tbsp of Demerara sugar. I also like adding a tbsp of Whiskey, Rum or Cointreau to add a bit of taste. Yummy.