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Worried about what to eat and when to run the week before a marathon? Sports nutritionist James Collins has advised Team GB on their Olympic nutrition and here provides advice and recipes for the seven days before your big race.

MondayMarathon meal plan - Monday

It's the final countdown! Get your pre-race nutrition right with our week of meal plans from sports nutritionist James Collins...
Monday's meal plan

TuesdayMarathon meal plan - Tuesday

It's the week before the marathon and getting your nutrition right is key to peak performance. Sports nutritionist James Collins shares his pre-race meal plan for Tuesday...
Tuesday's meal plan

Marathon plan - WednesdayMarathon plan - Wednesday

Make sure you're giving your body all it needs in the week leading up to an endurance event. Sports nutritionist, James Collins explains why by Wednesday your carbohydrate intake should be on the rise...
Wednesday's meal plan

Dried fruit energy nuggets  Marathon meal plan - Thursday

Sports nutritionist, James Collins shares his meal plan for the week before a big race - Thursday is all about high quality protein and increasing your carbohydrate intake...
Thursday's meal plan

Marathon meal plan - FridayMarathon meal plan - Friday

48 hours of carb-loading begins on Friday. Get ready for your big race with our expert's week of meal plans...
Friday's meal plan


Marathon meal plan - SaturdayMarathon meal plan - Saturday

Be sure to eat lots of easily digestible carbohydrates the day before your event, says sports nutritionist James Collins...
Saturday meal plan

Marathon meal plan - SundayMarathon meal plan - Sunday

Race day is here and it's time to put all that training to the test. Stick to your nutrition strategy before and during your run then replace fluid, carbs and protein once you cross the line...
Sunday's meal plan

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jessmcelduff's picture

I'm following the intermediate training guide advised by London Marathon Official and have not been advised to to a 70minute run this week. I have checked the beginners guide too and mine doesn't advise that. Is this incorrect information or should I be doing a 70,impute run today?