How to make chilli chocolate lollipops

Points to remember

  • Get your equipment ready first; you need a hole punch, baking parchment, a piece of paper or card, pencil, Blu-tack, chocolate, edible red glitter and some hot chilli powder.
  • Melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over barely simmering water then add a pinch of chilli powder.
  • Using an egg-shaped stencil - which you've made from paper or card - draw out lolly shapes on the baking parchment and flip over the paper.
  • Use the tip of your spoon to spread the melted chocolate out into the shapes on your parchment.
  • Turn the sticks once placed onto the melted chocolate to coat.
  • Make holes in a separate rectangle of paper. Hold the stencil just over the wet surface of one of the lollies and stick it into place with Blu-Tack, but don't let it touch. Sprinkle edible glitter or sprinkles over, then gently lift off the stencil. Repeat to decorate the rest, then leave somewhere cool to set.