Good Food magazine iPad and iPhone app FAQ

Below you'll find answers to common questions about BBC Good Food magazine for the iPad and iPhone.

Good Food magazine iPad and iPhone app FAQ

How do I access the BBC Good Food magazine iPad edition if I'm a current subscriber to the magazine? 

As a subscriber to the print edition of BBC Good Food magazine, you were previously able to enjoy accessing and downloading digital editions of the magazine on the app for free, as part of a trial.

Unfortunately, that trial has come to an end and we are no longer able to provide access free of charge. We hope you have enjoyed this taster of the digital experience and now have a feel for how these exciting devices can add to the BBC Good Food magazine reading experience.

I have updated my app but cannot see my previous purchases

In order to see your previous purchases simply tap the cog in the top right hand corner and then select Restore All Purchases, then enter your Apple password to confirm.

I have just subscribed to the digital edition via, how do I access my subscription?

Once you have downloaded the app from the App Store and opened it up, you can log-in by tapping the Sign In button in the top left hand corner of the app. You need to log-in using your email address and password you provided when purchasing the subscription at If you have forgotten your password you can remind yourself here:

I have just subscribed to the digital edition via iTunes, but can't log-in, what do I do?

If you bought your subscription via iTunes, you do not need to manually log-in to the app, this option is for those who have bought a subscription outside of iTunes via

As new issues are published you should be able to download them automatically as long as they are published within your subscription period. Back issues are not included in your subscription; you have subscribed to receive the issues published within your subscription period. Back issues are available to buy individually in the 'Store' section of the app.

I'm not a subscriber, can I still purchase the issues as and when they become available?

The BBC Good Food magazine app is free for everyone to download. To download single issues within the app as and when they become available you just pay £2.99 per issue.

Problems with links and downloads?

Double check you have an active internet connection and ensure you have the latest operating system installed, as it is likely that this could be affecting the performance of your device - you can download the latest version from iTunes.

Alternatively, if you are running off the latest software try uninstalling the app and re-installing it, or deleting the issue and attempting to download it again.

You could also try closing all other opened apps as they may be slowing the performance of your iPad.

If you are still experiencing problems email us at  and describe the location of the broken link or download problem (or quote the text, issue and page number if featured in the magazine).

Will I be charged twice if I delete or lose an issue and re-install it?

No. Any previous purchases you have made will be recorded in your purchase history so Apple will know that you have already bought the issue and therefore you will never be charged twice for the same issue. The app itself is free to download.

Does the app support iOS5?

No. Since our update in July 2014 future issues will not support this operating system. To ensure you can view future issues please update to the latest operating system.

Why isn't there a 'print' option within the digital edition for shopping lists and recipes?

We have no present plans to develop a 'print' function as we're finding that people are enjoying the ease of being able to email recipes and shopping lists to their mobile phones for use elsewhere or for shopping in supermarkets. Plus, it's so simple to print information from your email account that there's not much need for this function within the app as well.

Once I have finished with an issue, how do I delete it from my iPad to save space?

Simply tap the cog in the top right hand corner of the screen and select Remove Issues from iPad. Then select the issue you would like to remove

I can’t use the Search function?

Following our latest update the Search function will unfortunately no longer work. We will continue to review this and hope to be able to include in future versions.

Where are my bookmarks?

Following our latest update current bookmarks will be lost from previous issues however users will still be able to use favourite recipes in the new app.

If you have a comment or suggestion about the Good Food iPad App, or a query that isn't covered in the frequently asked questions above, please email

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Jillygo's picture

I can't agree more. This new app is seriously disappointing. Does it not seem counter intuitive to progressive technology?

skinnydee's picture

So with the recent upgrade we had to upload all editions again, all bookmarks are lost and we are not allowed bookmarks anymore. It took me days to upload my editions and several weeks to find my favorite recipes again. Luckily I had the foresight to not only mark them as favorites but to create a spreadsheet with them all listed and what edition they were in. Now I get a message on the screen telling me that when I launch IOS 8 I will have to download them all again and presumably have to create all my favorites again. I find it incredible that good food employs such stupid people to be in charge of their application. Whoever is in charge of the upgrade has taken a brilliant app and made it a very poor one. If I lived in UK I would stop having it on my iPad and go back to buying the magazine. As I live in the USA that is not a realistic option. I will say that my other magazines Delicious and Vogue knitting do not have these problems. That means the problem sits with Good food. And just so you all aware apparently people who used the search feature or bookmarks were a and I quote 'a very small minority'.

beaniebabe2000's picture

Very disappointed with new app. Doesn't seem to offer anything new but has deleted years of 'favourites'. I am now cancelling the subscription. At least with the paper edition you can cut ut you favourites, put them in a file and keep them forever.

paulosborne's picture

As someone who works closely with Apple I would be grateful if you could explain just how your old app is incompatible with IOS8. It seems rather astonishing that Apple might remove or change functionality so much that existing applications could not function and would require a fundamental rewrite and platform change. I would imagine hundreds of thousands of app developers would be rather upset.

I think you subscribers should be told. I also think that you should offer your old app to subscribers that wish to cancel their subscription but still have access to the content, application and functionality they originally purchased.

You have taken an award winning app and rendered it useless. What a pity.

shirleyhodge's picture

Why does it take so long to download ? have the Sainsbury magazine app which is the same size book and it's quick and I never have any problems! Your Magazine is always causing me heart ache! I very been try to restore the purchases and it takes hours ! Why?

Janswestie's picture

I have been a digital subscriber for the last year and all of my last years subscriptions have disappeared - not happy. I referred to them all the time and feel i have spent money for nothing. I will not take out a digital subscription again as it is throwing money away

SonicWhirls's picture

I have had this response from the Digital Support Team. It suggests that the developers don't really understand how customers are using the app - although the visuals are important, the practicalities (such as being able to search for recipes) override that (I would assume for the majority of subscribers) and therefore a platform without that functionality is not appropriate.
Clearly this should have had acceptance testing as well as some market research to understand customer needs before settling on the new platform to address compatibility and visuals.

Dear Christine
The new app is built to accommodate the changes due in iOS 8 unfortunately it was technically impossible to make the previous app compatible with the changes due in iOS 8 so a new platform Adobe DPS has now been used to ensure that the magazine is available on the next Apple OS and future revisions as it is a constantly evolving platform currently being used by many of our other apps and by other publishers.

Many of the removed features have been removed simply as Adobe DPS is not compatible with them. The previous app used a HTML text format alongside a image but Adobe DPS uses a purely image based system to ensure the highest quality magazine for use on the current and future generations of retina displays. This means the search function cannot be included as the app has no text to search for.

harahetta's picture

Have to add my complaints to this chorus of disdain. I have to think that this is another good example of poor management with no consequences at the BBC. The inability to retain bookmarks is ridiculous, and the 'Cook' function seems not to work. (The screen does not remain on the recipe page.) Someone should be fired or demoted. The usual thing to do before making big changes to a site or app is to undertake market research. Do you even have a marketing team? Is there no communication between departments? Au revoir, GF. You lost a loyal customer...

charlotteparkin's picture

I too lost 2 years worth of bookmarks - I can't believe that there isn't way to get them back. The only thing I can think of is to restore a back up of my iPad to the old version. It's a real shame that something so wonderful can be ruined in one upgrade. Just cancelled my subscription as a protest vote for what's been done. Think I'll look at other magazines for other ideas- any suggestions anyone?

shirleyhodge's picture

Get a Sainsbury subscription ! It's brilliant ! Downloads quickly and you get all the back issues! Plus the recipes are really good!

SonicWhirls's picture

What were you thinking for this update? Firstly, I had to spend ages chasing the support team, as following the update my details were no longer recognised. Lots of emails fobbing me off, so eventually I had to call them to sort it out.
Like everyone else, I am not happy that my favourites have all been lost. I don't like the look of the new version, though I expect I could get used to it. The portrait only orientation is pretty terrible though. The functionality is worse than before and it is less easy to navigate, though, again, one gets used to something.
But no search facility? And favourites that go into one long list, rather than being able to file them under "lunch", "dinner", "baking" etc? What were you thinking?
I have two more issues to go before my sub expires - can't see myself renewing if it stays like this.

janecredland's picture

Wish I'd had access to all the comments below before "updating" I've just lost over a hundred recipes that I used weekly for cooking and doing the shopping list. What on earth were you thinking? This is most definitely the stupidest thing you could have done! It's now a complete waste of time and money as I have thrown away most of my earlier print copies that the recipes I use were in.

jbhaines's picture

Like everyone else I too have downloaded the new app and wish I hadn't. I have lost my whole recipe collection from the past 3 years and after downloading the new issue and trying to restore my iTunes purchases gave up when it takes over 30mins to download each one. No idea what BBC good food thought was good about the new version, I will definitely be cancelling my subscription.

charlotteparkin's picture

Me too - just can't believe that they've done this - and the customer service is appalling. I got a rude curt email back.

MrsKatJS's picture

I loathe the so-called upgrade, it has entirely eradicated all of the best features of the original app.
Like others I had a carefully organised recipe list which has gone and not only that, all the digital copies I had as a result of my paper subscription have been lost as that 'trial' (which was not sold to me as being a trial which I why I received a full refund on my paper subscription when it was renewed without that feature) ended. They were legitimately downloaded at that time so I now take the view that this publication has now not provided me with a service that I paid for. I have emailed, been told it is being looked at and have heard nothing since.
Absolute waste of time and money. You have sorely let down your loyal customer base with this update.

JulieRussell's picture

Completely agree with all the other comments. Very disappointed with up(?)grade. So frustrated I will not be renewing my subscription. Feel like all the time spent organising my recipes was completely wasted! No warning, just changed - not exactly customer service or customer friendly.

Lovinit's picture

Ok... I thought the app was meant to be an update... But it's more a downgrade... I have spent a long time creating my bookmarks and organising it I download the "update" and find it's all top it off I can't search for the recipes (the ones I can remember) .... What's the point of updating and adding features for the next update to come and not include it... What's to say I don't start cataloging again and in a years time u do another "update" and remove it all... Pointless... Really let people down with this... As dedicated cooks yourselves I'm sure you'd like your recipes close to hand... This is pretty basic stuff... I'm sure you'D be pretty narked too if someone came into your offices and deleted all the database and gave you little option to find it all except by trawling through every single file you have-

Really poor-the more I think about it the more frustrated I am.

janemacnaughton's picture

Leading a busy life (like most of us) the ipad app was invaluable for planning, sorting, shopping. thanks to the new ipad app update, all the time and effort spent over several years has been wasted. Heartbreaking. Especially when time is so very previous. However, this amounts to a promise unfulfilled and I am asking for my money back on all the issues purchased. Happy to waive the additionally cost in data usage downloading all the issues all over again.

alisonpj's picture

I am shocked at the new App and it's lack of features! I am away on holiday, and was looking forward to reading my old mags but now find they all have to be downloaded again. NOT POSSIBLE where I am. Without the bookmarks this is going to be useless to me, I am not prepared to go searching through old mags for recipes I had previously saved in folders. I will not be renewing my subscription, nor will I buy your magazine again on principle. I was a digital only subscriber, but feel you have been unfair to your paper subscribers too, and did not give notice of the changes implemented, which would have allowed us to make note of favourites BEFORE they disappeared. This is a retrograde step you have taken, and I hope people will vote with their feet.

alisonpj's picture

I am shocked at the new App and it's lack of features! I am away on holiday, and was looking forward to reading my old mags but now find they all have to be downloaded again. NOT POSSIBLE where I am. Without the bookmarks this is going to be useless to me, I am not prepared to go searching through old mags for recipes I had previously saved in folders. I will not be renewing my subscription, nor will I buy your magazine again on principle. I was a digital only subscriber, but feel you have been unfair to your paper subscribers too, and did not give notice of the changes implemented, which would have allowed us to make note of favourites BEFORE they disappeared. This is a retrograde step you have taken, and I hope people will vote with their feet.