Coconut ice squares

Coconut ice squares

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Cooking time

Prep: 15 mins

Skill level



Approx 30 pieces

This recipe was re-tested and updated on 05 April 2011. It now uses 250g of sweetened condensed milk and works beautifully.

Nutrition and extra info

Nutrition info

Nutrition per square



  • 250g sweetened condensed milk
  • 250g icing sugar, sifted, plus extra for dusting
  • 200g dessicated coconut
  • pink edible food colouring, optional

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  1. Using a wooden spoon, mix together the condensed milk and icing sugar in a large bowl. It will get very stiff. Work the coconut into the mix until it’s well combined – use your hands, if you like.
  2. Split the mix into two and knead a very small amount of food colouring into one half. Dust a board with icing sugar, then shape each half into a smooth rectangle and place one on top of the other. Roll with a rolling pin, re-shaping with your hands every couple of rolls, until you have a rectangle of two-tone coconut ice about 3cm thick.
  3. Transfer to a plate or board and leave uncovered for at least 3 hrs or ideally overnight to set. Cut into squares with a sharp knife and pack into bags or boxes. These will keep for up to a month at least, if stored in an airtight container.

Recipe from Good Food magazine, December 2005

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erdnuss's picture

instead of the pink layer, try a green layer, flavoured with peppermint.
when set and cut into squares, dip one half of each square into melted chocolate.

ellie31's picture

Have just used this recipe after reading all the comments and used about 150 g of condensed milk and it worked a treat! Must be a typo. But is delicious. However would double up on amounts next time. Kids devoured it pretty much straight away! :)

gervais's picture
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I made this a few years ago and had the same problems as everyone else. This was before the 'blog' page. It is very comforting to see others experiencing the same and also the remedies. I think I will try it again this festive season.

shelleyevans's picture

I used this recipe as I dont like the recipes with sugar and water I used 100ml of condensed milk just added it gradually till it stuck together. I made lots of sweets for xmas for friends and family and everyone loved it really tasty lovely recipe!!

alicia-foodoholic's picture

Hi all,
Just attemped the coconut ice, had the same problem with the condensed milk. But it went fine as I added another 50g until I thought it was the right consistency, so it equaled 100g.
I also did'nt roll it out, just put it in a greased dish and flatterned with hands.
TIP: For the pink colouring use blackcurrent jam, its natural instead of artifical dyes and it makes a pinky purple, also it tastes good!!!
Just put on heat, and it makes it runny and easier to stir in, however only use 1-2 tbsp as can make it really sticky and hard to put on top of white ice.
Defo use this recipe again it tastes yum yum.

richardparker01's picture

I'm trying to re-introduce this recipe into Siargao Island in the Philippines. I loved the stuff as a child, made into bars of 'natural' or 'peppermint-banded' flavours.

But I've had to adapt the recipe:

1 kilo of sugar
1 30gm tin of condensed milk
A dollop of fresh coconut water
Some (a great deal of ) fresh semi-mature coconut (ie not too tough to peel off the 'skin' ) turned into slivers with a potato peeler. A 'butang' or young fleshy coconut would make the stuff even more delicious and juicy.

Green colouring (I definitely had some green menthol flavouring around somewhere, but I can't find it now).

If it works (and sells) I'll come back.

glynis18's picture

I found the same problems with the condensed milk! I now use 300g coconut, 300g icing sugar and 405g (whole tin) condensed milk. Mix it all together until combined. Put half the mixture in a swiss roll tin lined with greaseproof paper, colour the other half and add on top of the white mixutre. Flatten with the back of a metal spoon and chill over night. Cut into small squares.

liezel's picture

I tried this recipe and think the amount of condensed milk is wrong. It should probably be 150g of condensed milk and not 50g.

Liezel Hansson

snakepit's picture

I just made this using the above method, but 200g coconut, 200g sifted icing sugar and 210g condensed milk. It turned out a good consistency and is really tasty. With the altered measurements, the recipe makes about 24 squares.

tamimac's picture

Microwave coconut ice: brilliantly easy to make with kids. My microwave is very old and only 700 watt. play about with the timing to suit your needs.
450g castor sugar
pinch cream of tartar
60ml condensed milk
150g coconut
microwave sugar, cream of tartar, 45ml water and condensed milk for 3 3-1/2 minutes Or until a spoonful forms a soft ball when dropped into cold water. ( shake occasionally but DO NOT stir or mixture will crystallise)
stir in coconut mixture will thicken add any colourings now.
move into greased dish and flatten to about 3cm thick then allow to set, preferably overnight.

zhn1978's picture

I used this recipe from the chris evans show and it worked a treat. The trick is to keep sitrring once it of the heat - as it cools it will thicken and set. hope me mum likes it as its one of her xmas prezzies!!

Coconut Ice

12 oz Sugar
1/4 pt Milk
40z Dessicated Coconut
Red Food colouring 1or 2 drops

Place milk and sugar in a pan and bring to the boil(Stirring so it doesn't burn), then boil for 5 minutes stirring ocassionally. After 5 minutes pour onto the coconut and stir.
Split in to two bowls & add food colouring to one bowl until pink.
Keep stirring both bowls until the coconut mixture starts to set/crystalize, then press the white mixture onto a tray followed by the pink mixture.
Leave to cool, cut into dice and enjoy...

jandypandy's picture
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I used 150g of condensed milk and this seems about right. I also used a drop of Strwberry flavouring to colour the pink bit. It tastes really nice. I would make this again.

lucybunyan's picture

I only came on here to see how long it keeps for, as we wanted to make some as xmas presents, anyway I have always used the same recipe as my mum and hers and hers etc. which is the same as the one added by claire above. I normally make one and a half times the recipe. ie. 600g condensed milk, 510g icing sugar and coconut and use an 8inch square tin rather than rolling it out do it in the coloured layers, leave it overnight in the fridge and then when cut lay on greaseproof paper to dry slightly before putting away. Hope this helps someone

jacksons's picture

Had exactly the same problem. I was really looking forward to making this but it ended up in the bin. There's no way this works!

wildrubberwoman's picture

Ok have just finished the coconut ice. I used between 250g and 300g condensed milk in the end. The pink layer especially is very sticky. I think I probably could have got away with a little less liquid. I found this recipe:
which has 340g of icing sugar, 340g coconut and 400g condensed milk (i.e the whole tin) and the same method. Hopefully its going to work, it certainly looks like coconut ice.


wildrubberwoman's picture

Have just logged on for help as we are having exactly the same problem! Am just about to start trawling the internet to look for another recipe. I remember making this as a child and it worked but can't remember the recipe. I know when you make icing you don't need much liquid or it goes all runny but this is ridiculous.


smeagol1's picture

My son and I have tried making this recipe, which we were both looking forward to! But we can not get the dry mix to sick together. Is 50g of condensed milk the only liquid used or should we be using anything else? Is 50g of condensed milk the correct measurement if this is the only liquid? No matter how much mixing it will not STICK help!!