James Martin's Yorkshire puds

James Martin's Yorkshire puds

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Cooking time

Prep: 10 mins Cook: 30 mins Plus standing

Skill level



Makes 12

Roast beef just wouldn't be the same without crisp Yorkshire puddings

Nutrition and extra info

Additional info

  • Vegetarian
Nutrition info

Nutrition per yorkshire



  • 200g plain flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 300ml milk
  • 3 tbsp vegetable oil

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  1. Put the flour and some seasoning into a large bowl, stir in the eggs, one at a time, then slowly whisk in the milk until you have a smooth batter. Chill in the fridge for at least 30 mins or up to a day.
  2. Heat oven to 220C/180C fan/gas 7. Pour the oil into 8 holes of a 12-hole muffin tin, then heat the tin in the oven for 5 mins. Carefully ladle the batter mix into the tin, then bake for 30 mins until well browned and risen.

Recipe from Good Food magazine, September 2011

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plecostrum's picture

Made these tonight. Perfect puffy. And crisp but... 30 mins too much. I set it to 25. And even on 20 they were well done. ;-) 14-16mins. More like it !! Fab

hezifesi's picture
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These are delicious! Even though I fiddled with pans, open and closed the oven couple of times, they came out absolutely wonderful..

fairyclairey1's picture
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These are the best Yorkshire puddings that I've ever made. I used a stoneware muffin pan and the mixture made 12 huge puds!

denysefreemantle's picture

Amazing. After years of hit and miss and trying every recipe, this is it. I've made them time and time again and they are always show stoppers. And so easy too. These are as good, if not better, than James' luxury version simply because you get the same result with half the hassle. Write it down now, and keep forever. They freeze beautifully too. Thank you thank you thank you.

macskitchen's picture

Fanbloodytastic! When I brought them out of the oven we too had a wow moment!
Mrs Macskitchen was upset that she didn't get a photo to post on Facebook! I made twelve as well. (Used the remaining batter for some rather thick pancakes later on! Over indulgent git!)

P.nut's picture


Jam44's picture

The first time a Yorkshire pudding recipe has worked perfectly. Trust James Martin ;) they were light, crispy, held their shape perfectly when out of oven and long after. Delicious!!!!!

karengould's picture

This is an amazing recipe! Have made these lots and are always show-stoppers! I heat oil for 15 mins on 220, add batter about a third of the way up for each pudding, cook for 20 mins, then turn down oven to 200 for 5 mins. They always rise really high , and don't deflate if not served immediately - just don't open oven door during cooking!

lola909's picture
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wow - amazing results. These were so light and puffy in fact massive! I did mine in the aga. have only made them once before but these were perfect.
I sieved in the flour for added lightness.
I'd always use a metal tray not silicone as it gets really hot which is what they need and a proper muffin tin with deep insets so that they puff upwards.

jule955's picture

First time I've done Yorkshire puddings successfully; great recipe!

HeatherGeoff's picture

Best Yorkshires I've ever made, thanks James!!

kathryndonna's picture

This recipe made a really thick batter which I went with against my better judgment rather than thinning it down. The result was puddings that rose well and were light and crispy on top but very stodgy and heavy at the bottom, virtually undercooked. I made 8 as per the recipe (even though it says makes 12 at the top...) in a silicon muffin tray. May work better in metal but I shall go back to my old method in future.

FabFive's picture

These are the best yorkshire puds I have made. Done a couple of times and puff up well and stay crispy when you take them out of the oven both times. Great recipe, thanks!

paulkiely's picture

Recipe makes 12....but "pour oil into 8 holes of a 12-hole muffin tin" ???

julieg147's picture

Middle holes do not get hot enough

lizleicester's picture
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Just a bit stodgy which is fine with me but they didn't LOOK very fluffy. Maybe because they had to be dairy free so I used soya milk...

stevieb22's picture

This recipe as absolutely spot on never had better Yorkshire's. Thanks James My Wife has now promoted me in the Kitchen.

damcurt's picture

Just the best Sorry Mr Oliver your recipe has been replaced .These are great at rising and not flopping when they come out of the oven .

fitzgerald2's picture

I made it for a family party where i did a Sunday lunch buffet, i was dubious abot this recepie as i have used the same one for years but knowing how brilliant James is i tried it. Well talk about the WOW facter everyone went mad about it, it was the centre piece to the buffet and tasted amazing. Its now in my hand written recipe book with the heading of James Martins yorkshire puds which i will pass onto my two grandchildren who are both boys and cook with me on a regular basis everyone should try this , enjoy. PS i did it in a large tin .

pauljackmangraham's picture

I couldn't remember James ingredients list from the Saturday Live programme so had a look here. Shame on you James, you've missed out the best advice! What happened to opening the oven door just to let the steam out after 18 minutes? That's what REALLY makes the difference!