Peanut butter brownies

Peanut butter brownies

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Prep: 20 mins Cook: 35 mins


Cuts into 16 squares
Two of our favourite things - peanut butter and brownies - combine to make these irresistible treats

Nutrition and extra info

  • Freezable

Nutrition: per serving

  • kcal250
  • fat12g
  • saturates4g
  • carbs32g
  • sugars26g
  • fibre1g
  • protein6g
  • salt0.24g
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  • 225g crunchy peanut butter
  • 200g bar dark chocolate, broken into pieces
  • 280g soft light brown sugar
  • 3 medium eggs
  • 100g self-raising flour


  1. Set aside 50g each of the peanut butter and chocolate. Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4 and line a 20cm square baking tin with baking parchment. Gently melt remaining peanut butter, chocolate and all the sugar in a pan, stirring occasionally, until the sugar has just about melted. Turn off heat and use a wooden spoon to beat in the eggs one by one. Stir in the flour and scrape into the tin.

  2. Melt reserved peanut butter in the microwave on High for 45 secs, or in a pan, until runny, then drizzle over the brownie. Bake for 30-35 mins until it has a crust, but the middle still seems slightly uncooked.

  3. Melt reserved chocolate, drizzle over the brownie, then cool in the tin before cutting into squares.

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Comments, questions and tips

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Comments (129)

Barley81's picture

The mixture took forever to melt! And when baking, the top burned with the inside still uncooked, and that was with me taking into consideration other bakers comments on baking time and temperature. What did I do wrong?

goos123's picture

I make these quite often , I always add 25g butter to the sugar, peanut butter and chocolate mixture and melt altogether on defrost in microwave for about 10mins stirring regularly, I add a tsp of vanilla extract to egg mixture..bake for 30mins in a silicone mould at 160(fan) turning halfway and checking from about 20mins +and cool in the fridge (this seems to make them fudgier) xx

chocofiend's picture

I made this recipe yesterday and was very happy with the results! I read a lot of the comments here before proceeding, and was concerned that the brownies might end up being a bit dry - I added about a tbsp of coconut oil to the chocolate/sugar/peanut butter melt mixture. My other variations were forgetting to do the peanut butter drizzle (oops) and baking for about 25 minutes rather than the suggested 30-35. They came out really delicious and fudgy and peanut buttery! As other commenters have discussed, it's probably best to melt on a very low heat and maybe check on your brownies around the 20 minute mark to gauge how much longer you need to keep them in there for.

greenfrogs76's picture

I have just made these tonight really nice, I may add some more chocolate next time and will do the drizzle on top as well. Will take into work tomorrow and see what they think.

bluebell1811's picture

Best brownie recipe we've ever followed. Didn't do the peanut butter or chocolate drizzle just the basic brownie mix. I'm not a fan of super sweet or overly sticky brownies but these were lovely. Our peanut butter is 100% peanuts (no additives) so this didn't add to the overall sweetness. We also baked for the 30 minutes and it came out perfect for me, with just a slight moistness in the middle (though if you want it properly sticky i'd probably check after 20 minutes). Lovely crusty top even after a couple of days. WIll definitely make again.

JoHamster's picture

I'm really surprised that people had trouble with this recipe.... it's brilliant! I used supermarket basic crunchy peanut butter, melted in a Bain Marie and baked for 30 mins. Squishy, crusty loveliness!!

chloe_bianca's picture

I wasn't sure whether to try this due to the mixed comments despite the good rating but decided to find out for myself. I had no problem making them, melted the mixture over a bain Marie, added the eggs one at a time and it came together fine. I only baked for 20mins but they are very dry, not squidgy and fudgey like I think brownies should be. I supposed because they have no butter in but no one eats brownies to be healthy! Certainly edible but disappointing and I won't be making again.

binzo1's picture

I was a bit worried about this recipe. My mixture didn't really melt. But, like one of the other reviewers I got it to a certain consistnecy and decided to go for it with the eggs. That really changed things and gave me the mixture I was expecting. Cooked for 30 mins. Didn't find the peanut butter drizzle too easy to do, it was more "blobbed" on, BUT the outcome is amazing. If you are a fan of peanut butter and chocolate this is definitely the recipe for you!!!! Defo making these again!

egabva's picture

There are so many MUCH better recipes for Brownies! - This one is really not worth the effort.

ticklemeellen's picture

Tried this this afternoon as I had a craving for peanut butter. The mixture was very thick and I forgot about them in the oven so the edges got a bit crispy but the centre texture was nice and squidgy, i used 74% cocoa chocolate with no added sugar which I think helped them to not taste too sickly sweet. I used crunchy peanut butter (just cheap own brand stuff) for both mixture and the top and had no problem melting it. They taste really good and were easy and quick to make

kathy535's picture

Not that impressed although it did give us a few laughs. Very very sweet and the recipe is unhelpful - 'partly melted, 'seems slightly uncooked' - not really the level of precision needed in a recipe.

I melted the chocolate, sugar and peanut butter together. If I were to do this again I wouldn't use a non-stick pan, mine is ruined from the sugar scraping the bottom as it was stirred. The final mixture was so thick it was like toothpaste and this made it very difficult to see when it was cooked; skewers came out clean before it went into the oven, after 30 mins and after I had taken it out to cool, found it was under done and put it in for a few more mins.

I don't think I'll bother again.

warvik's picture

Mixed results here as well. I read the other comments before baking and used some posh peanut butter and really nice quality chocolate. 30min in the oven is way too long, I took them out after 25min and they were already overcooked and very dry. Will try serving them with some custard to help them go down...

eh2103's picture

I have made this recipe SO many times and it has always worked perfectly for me. I found that transferring the melted mix into a separate bowl then quickly adding the eggs works really well and no scrambled eggs anywhere to be found!

Lewyhinch's picture

Although it has an average rating of 5 stars, it had a number of mixed reviews which I decided to overlook on the basis of the strong rating. I had a shortage of sugar in my house so only used 150g as opposed to the suggested 280g but otherwise followed the recipe to a tee. I like my brownies 'fudgy' as I think that's what makes them perfect compared to the 'cake-like' brownies which I consider rather dry for my taste and not what I expect from a brownie. To sum up these brownies, I found them too dry after being cooked for 30 mins at 160C. I imagine that the brownie was dried by my peanut butter (100 % natural) and would have benefited from butter or more melted chocolate in the mix.

3 out of 5 stars

I did use smooth rather than crunchy peanut butter so it may have mixed in more to cause the mixture to dry but overall I would still recommend adding additional butter/oil.

ilovfood's picture

It just tastes like sugar to be honest. The texture's quite nice but I don't get all the love at all!!! Just tastes sickly sweet...

fruitpastell's picture

This recipe is AMAZING. I made these for the first time last night and having read some of the comments I was sceptical as to whether it would work. I followed the instructions and didn't even use a bain morie and it all worked fine. I didn't, however use a good quality peanut butter so following some advise on here of needing more oil content, I used half a tablespoon of coconut oil instead and it didn't changed the flavour. You will be able to tell when the sugar has 'just about melted' as the mixture will suddenly just go from being lumpy and hard to stir, to more of a liquid consistency (mine did anyway!). I also used smooth PB for the topping. They were lovely when warm straight out the oven! Will 100% make again.

maggiedon's picture

I have lost count of the number of times I have made this recipe. It DOES work, but you need to follow the instructions carefully. You need a low, low heat to melt the chocolate, sugar and PB. I do it over a pan of steaming water and leave it to its own devices. The sugar never entirely melts, and this is fine. I reduce the amount of sugar also, to 200g, and it always turns out fine. Like others, I use smooth PB for the topping. It melts and drizzles better, but I do feel crunchy PB is essential for the actual mixture, as it gives a welcome textural contrast. I also like to add a healthy glug of vanilla essence. This is my 'go-to' recipe for cake sales, treats to take to friends etc, and I don't even really like peanut butter! It just seems to work in this recipe.

owlthomas's picture

I made this with a bit less sugar (250g) because that was all I had left, but it worked really well. The kids helped me to make it and keep coming back for more. I will definitely be making this again, but will try using smooth peanut butter for the topping as the crunchy stuff doesn't melt very well and you end up with chunks. (Okay if you want crunchy nutty bits on the top, I suppose)

chrisvirgin's picture

The sugar didn't exactly 'melt' in the pan with the other ingredients but i persevered and added the eggs which gave me the texture i was expecting. Mine cooked in about 30 mins and are absolutely delicious! I would suggest using smooth PB for the topping as the crunchy i used didn't melt very well and resulted in large chunks on the top rather than a drizzle. Would definitely recommend!

Mike_Fender's picture

This recipe does not work. Do not attempt to make these.

The recipe tells you to melt peanutbutter, chocolate and brown sugar together. This doesn't work because when making syrup out of sugar you can't overwork it or the sugar will from crystals, but in this recipe you have to stir it or the chocolate will burn. Eventually you have to decide how to interperate this recipe's definition of "almost melted" for the sugar, at which point it tells you to take it off the heat and add three eggs, one by one, and beat them in. Obviously if you let it cool you'll have a solid lump of crystallised sugar and hard chocolate with some peanuts in. But if you try and add eggs while its still wet you'll end up chocolate and scrambled egg. This recipe has clearly never been tested because it literally can't work. Sarah Cook owes me money for the ingredients I wasted. All the positive ratings are from people who fancy this recipe but haven't actually tried it.


Questions (4)

ToppyYvonne's picture

can you use normal/ caster sugar instead of brown sugar?

goodfoodteam's picture

Thanks for your question. It is worth getting brown sugar for this recipe if you can as it will give a much better texture and flavour, than caster sugar.

goodmanm's picture

Can you freeze these?

ToppyYvonne's picture

yes it says freezable in the description :)

Tips (1)

ellekaypea's picture

If you're having trouble with melting the peanut butter, try adding a few drops of flavourless oil, such as groundnut, first. It may be that the brand you're using does not have a high enough fat content. Just add a little at a time and you should be fine. I discovered this when melting low-fat peanut butter to drizzle over popcorn. Ahem.