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Keep the kids, Santa and Rudolph happy this Christmas Eve by whipping up some festive magic in the kitchen...

There are only so many mince pies and port one person can eat, so give Santa something to be really jolly about this Christmas by treating him to something special and scrumptious. Rumour has it that Rudolph has fallen off the carrot wagon, so we've thrown in a few tasty treats to keep him happy too...

Christmas CosmopolitanChristmas cosmopolitan

Ok, so this might not be strictly sticking with tradition, but we think Santa might need to kick back and relax after all that frantic present delivery.

Christmas cosmopolitan

Carrot patch cakesRudolph's carrot patch cakes

Kids running riot on Christmas Eve? Help them leave Rudolph a carrot he won't forget in a hurry with these beautiful chocolate carrot loaf cakes, so good you might need to leave an extra one out to avoid a jealous Santa.  

Rudolph's carrot patch cakes


Sugar dusted mince pie parcelsMince pies

If Christmas Eve is pretty hectic at your house and you don't want to start baking mince pies from scratch, these cinnamon dusted parcels cause minimum mess and are ready in no time - just make sure Santa doesn't eat them all in one go.

Sugar-dusted mince pie parcels


Snowball carrot muffinsRudolph's snowball carrot muffins

Help the kids make a little festive magic of their own this Christmas, with these fluffy snowball carrot muffins, which should be just up Rudolph's street. Although it's probably best for the whole family to give them a little taste test just to make sure they are up to scratch for that very fussy reindeer.

Rudolph's snowball carrot muffins

Rudolph's carrot flapjacks
Rudolph's carrot flapjacks

These moist oaty bakes are brilliant for making with kids, the recipe is so simple and there is lots of stirring fun to be had. They are packed full of oats, fruit, spices and seeds so Rudolph will be whizzing around the houses in record time. They can be a bit messy to eat though so expect some crumbs on the floor come Christmas morning...

Rudolph's carrot flapjacks


Gingerbread menDouble gingerbread men

If you think Santa isn't a mince pie fan, then help the kids whip up these irresistible double ginger gingerbread men, which even the smallest hands can get involved with. A stressed-out Santa is sure to enjoy one of these with a calming cup of tea before bed.

Double ginger gingerbread men

Mulled apple juiceMulled apple juice

If you are a bit worried about Santa drinking on the job, then leave him out a glass of this festive mulled apple juice, which makes a great alternative to wine. He does have a sleigh to ride after all.

Mulled apple juice

Snowcapped fairy cakesSnowcapped fairy cakes

No one will be able to resist these snowcapped fairy cakes, let alone a hungry Santa Claus. The kids will have loads of fun icing and decorating their creations and Santa is sure to be super-impressed. We think they are best served with a warming glass of appleberry mulled wine.

Snowcapped fairy cakes

What do you leave out for Santa Claus in your house?

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jackiesread's picture

When my children were young I used to make reindeer flapjacks. I would melt fat/lard and mix in bird seed then shape into patties. 1 for each reindeer. These were them left on the flat roof . Santa would always have a mini stollen (or 2) . By the time the excitement of stocking opening etc. was over the birds had eaten the flapjacks. The tradition continues and my grandchildren are now doing it for their children.

mack1's picture

normally i would leave out some port but only a little bit (don't want him getting tipsy) and some biscuits. For Rudolph i would leave a carrot or two and some water in case they're thirsty.