Match food with wine

Opinion wavers on clear rights and wrongs when it comes to food and wine matching, but certain flavours bring out the best in each other. Use our guide as a rule of thumb, but most of all, enjoy the wine you drink.

Roast sirloin of beef & Port gravyBeef - roast or stew

Go for a medium or full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cabernet Sauvignon also goes well with...

Muffin-topped winter beef stew
Beef pie with crisp potato crust
Beef fillet with beetroot & horseradish


Lemon & thyme roast chickenChicken - roast or casserole

Chardonnay is an ideal match for roast chicken (and turkey), or if you'd prefer a red, try a Merlot. If the casserole sauce is creamy, try Colombard.

Why not try with...

Roast chicken & sticky carrots
Chicken casserole with red wine, ham & peppers

No-fry Thai curryCurry - light, fresh

Curries can be hard to match, depending on their spices and flavours. A chicken korma or Thai green curry goes well with a young 'New World' Riesling.

Goes well with...

Thai chicken curry
Light chicken korma
No fry Thai curry


Kerala prawn curryCurry - spicy

A dry Gewürztraminer is your best bet with spicier curries or baltis.

Goes well with...

Spiced vegetable biryani
Kerala prawn curry
Indian spice box chicken


Blackberry creme bruleeFruit -tarts and puddings

Fruit tarts - think appley tart tatin or a clafoutis - go best with sweet Muscat and Gewürztraminer wines.

Enjoy them with...

Forest fruits clafoutis
Tart tatin with brandy cream
Blackberry créme brûlée

Cheese and bacon lasagneLasagne

Wines made from the Barbera grape go really well with tomato-based dishes, in fact, many dishes from the Northern Italian regions.

Goes well with...

Fresh lasagne with pesto
Veggie lasagne
Pork and rosemary lasagne

MushroomsOpen lasagne with mushrooms and olives

Mushroom dishes, especially vegetarian main courses, go well with Tempranillo. Or, if sautéed field mushrooms are on the menu, you could try a Zinfandel.

Why not try with...

Open lasagne of mushrooms & olives
Pan-fried chicken in mushroom sauce
Cream of cauliflower soup with sautéed wild mushrooms


Linguine with prawnsShellfish

Albariño is the wine for the simplest freshest shellfish, especially prawns and langoustines; as well as raw oysters, mussels and clams (vongole).

Enjoy it with...

Speedy spaghetti with clams
Creamy spiced mussels
Spaghetti with prawns, chilli & rocket

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kiwi-abroad's picture

The wine to use can usually be determined by the sauce. i.e a tomato based sauce for chicken rules out the usual white wines. Please break-down by sauce rather than the meat content.