How to carve a turkey

How to carve a Christmas turkey for your guests.

Points to remember

  • To remove the leg from the carcass, loosen it a little at the thigh socket with your hands, then carve into the natural joint - cutting through the socket of the bone.
  • To split the drumstick and the thigh, again loosen then carve into the socket of the bone.
  • To cut the breast meat, cut off the wing tip then make a horizontal incision underneath the breast towards the body of the bird.
  • Using a fork, carve slices of meat from the breast.
  • Repeat process on the other side.
  • Alternatively, remove the breast altogether by making a horizontal incision under the breast and then cutting off the meat in one piece.
  • Put the breast on the chopping board and then cut across the breast - this is an easier way as it goes along the grain of the meat and gives a smooth slice.
  • Remove the wings in the same way as the leg, cutting through the socket where it attaches to the carcass.
  • Place the finished carved meat onto a serving plate.